Thursday, April 30, 2015


Traffic flows slower here at the campground since my confrontation with the offenders. I found out later that the same driver had nearly run over one of my campers who was out pushing her baby in a stroller. SEE!!! I am justified in my efforts to keep the speeding cars at bay!

I am taking a little break from my garden efforts. My back hurts, my legs hurt. I hurt all over and it is very satisfying to hurt from doing a good job!! I painted a fence, mowed the dog park that is 50 by 100 feet, then started planting and weeding and mulching. He Who loves to go to town. He will go for any little thing. Twice already by 2 o'clock. He brought me a lollipop on his last trip.

Cotton candy is the flavor. I suppose he did this because he gobbled up all the cotton candy ice cream I bought. I only wanted a tiny taste. The color of my lollipop reminds me of the robin's eggs I found while mowing.

Every year a robin will nest in the eaves where the roof changes near the restrooms. That means that every morning I will walk by the nesting area on the way to clean the restrooms. Mama Robin will swoop down from her nest and scare me every time. You would think I would get used to it .....

After our last storm passed through and we could get back to remodeling the restrooms, I didn't even notice that Mama Robin did not greet me as I walked by. I had laid the big perforated rubber mats from the shower floors on the sidewalk while all the mortaring and grouting was being done and noticed something stuck in one of them. A broken egg. Looking closer I saw the partially formed little bird. Made me sad.

I was able to mow the next day and I found 4 more eggs, three of them intact! I cradled them in my hand and wondered what to do. I needed to finish mowing, so I nestled them in my bra, thinking to keep them warm until I could find a nest of sorts to put them in in case Mama Robin came looking.

Silly, thinking I could help mother nature. In my efforts to remove the eggs, two were cracked. I put them in some dead grass in a crevice of a big rock. The one intact egg is still there. The bad news is Mama Robin is not coming back. The good news is that I must not have any snakes lurking in that garden. The egg would be gone if there were.

My lollipop is gone and it is time to haul more mulch! 


Naqvee said...

Oh my, you have been working so hard! Please take a day off and yes it feels good when it hurts for all the good reasons. A day before I was planting some flowers and I felt so dizzy that I came inside and slept for good two hours!

Val said...

I am on hold with the hotline to Merriam-Webster, ready to reveal a new definition for BOOBY HATCH!

luksky said...

When we first moved into our home several years ago, the barn swallows took up a spot under the eave our front porch for their nest site.

At first I thought it was a really nice idea to be able to see nature in action.

I was mistaken. Every time I went out to work in my front yard or even to go out to my car they would dive bomb me and come so close I could feel the wind from their wings.

They didn't want me anywhere near their nest or their hatchlings.

The next year I prevented them from nesting there again by putting a barrier. Those little birds are pretty vicious.