Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Family LOUD

You would think I would be accustomed to loud voices. He Who wears hearing aids has managed to lose his. He lost them earlier this year while mowing (still a mystery to me why he had them on to mow) and found one. But last week he lost that one. Watching TV with him is painful.

So, today, a young woman with her nearly two year old came to swim. I continued thinning my Zinnia bed as they frolicked in the water. They were so loud, mother and daughter. I thought maybe it was because their voices were echoing in the pool.

I was wrong. Dad joined them and they are now in my store, seated at the table where I entertain my besties. The child is apt to outbursts of the ear splitting variety and the parents are carrying on a conversation as if they are in their home. LOUD. Why they have chosen to enchant me with their presence, I have no idea. I did not encourage this. I have blatantly ignored them as they eat their ice cream and gossip about their family members.

I had to stick a finger in my ear to hear the woman on the phone as I tried to take information for a reservation. I said, "I'm sorry, I can't hear you." loud enough for them to hear me over their child's temper tantrum. Did not faze them in the least.

I just heard the daddy tell the little girl that they would need to wait 30 minutes to go back out to the pool! No way am I sitting here listening to this for 30 minutes! I might have to resort to my hornet spray!


Val said...

Well, you know, those insecticides ARE made to control pests...

Linda O'Connell said...

You should have walked up to them and started silent know like we wives do when we mess with our husband's who wear hearing aids.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend whose husband cannot hear well. Since she has retired, and spends so much time with him, she has gotten louder and louder when talking to the rest of the world. We were at lunch the other day, and she was practically shouting. I know the others in the restaurant were annoyed as I saw glances being made towards our table.