Sunday, July 20, 2014

Life Is Entertaining

See here, where the wheels of the trailer entered my garden, plowed over the day lilies ....

leaving tire tread on the boulder, then taking out more day lilies .....

There was a boulder here.

Now it is here. I really don't know how he managed to disengage the trailer from the boulder. I don't know how he managed to turn so sharp as to bring the tires of the fifth wheel he was pulling over that far. My driveways are wide, my parking lot enormous .......... cause, you know, it is an RV park. Big trucks and motor homes frequent us.

The day lilies are hardy, they will grow back. The boulder can stay there until the next time we have use of the front end loader. But, his axle had to have sustained damage. He is here until Wednesday. His wife drove a car and next time I encounter her, I will have to educate her about the meaning of "one way" and "10 MPH." You would think after the incident they would be a little cautious.

While the downloading of the photos took place (painfully slow) I was pondering the oddities of life. Take laundry and socks, for instance. It always makes me happy when I have an even number of socks come out of the washer. It is a good omen. But, although I had 6 socks belonging to He Who favors those of the over the calf variety, all in black, there was only one actual pair in the six. I try to buy all the exact same kind of socks for him (knowing him as I do), but I sometimes encounter a bargain I can't refuse. Not that many brands carry the over the calf socks, so you would think I couldn't have stocked many different kinds in his over flowing sock drawer. They are all black, but some are a different weight. Light for summer and heavy for winter. I carefully pair them and lay them ever so neatly in the drawer.

So, why do you suppose he feels the need to un-pair them and mismatch them? I would think it would be uncomfortable to have a winter sock and a summer sock on. Never mind. I am just thankful he doesn't wear them with shorts.

In the midst of my pondering the sock dilemma, a man entered the store in a cloud of cigarette smoke and body odor. He enquired about the kind of bait I stocked (night crawlers) and then frowned at me in disappointment. He asked about my price and he exhaled loudly to indicate it was too high. I was doing that shallow mouth breathing thing to keep from gagging.

He bought two dozen and a bag of ice. I went and gathered it all for him to keep as far away as I could and facilitate a quick exit on his part. I watched as he strode back to his vehicle. An older two door sedan pulling a flat trailer loaded with what looked like household items covered in large trash bags. He leaned in to the open window and a woman handed out a very small Styrofoam cooler. He filled it with ice and still had half the bag left. This seemed to confuse both of them as they handed the half bag back and forth. Finally the woman took possession of it. I don't know what she did with it, maybe it is still in her lap.

There was a luggage carrier affixed to the roof of the car and he opened it and retrieved a bag of something that he threw into the dumpster. I was mesmerized as I stood watching at the door. The glass door tinted, so that I see out, but you can't see in. He fiddled with the rope he had holding the lid to the carrier down. The latches must have been broken. Then he looked all around before jumping through the window and into the drivers seat. I am guessing the door was no longer functional.

It occurs to me that I am easily entertained.


Kathy G said...

I understand your black sock dilemma. In our house not all of them make it downstairs for to go in the same load of laundry (as I don't retrieve errant items, but only wash what makes it to the dirty clothes baskets). Therefore, there's an odd number of clean socks. Every few months Hubby takes out all the single socks and tries to match them. He's never completely successful.

Val said...

I was hoping that you went to the dumpster to see what he threw in there.

Joanne Noragon said...

I had a fellow exhibitor, back in the day, who would say of a complete idiot who'd left his booth, "The fool."

We'd wait for it. Yes, easily amuzed.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Val is right. Why didn't you check out the dumpster, or have you seen (or smelled) too many horrors that people have dumped?

You should be submitting your stories. was looking for RV stories, along with "on working" stories for their Not Your Mother's series. You should start tapping away. I imagine you have dozens of RV stories you could tell...

(Thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry I made you cry, but I'm even sorrier that you had a "thorny" family growing up. I hope you get to spend some quality time with your dad before he leaves...)

Anonymous said...

Great description of your customer.

Have you seen the British TV show, Doc Martin? My husband and I discovered this a few years ago and just love it. The storyline takes place in a small fishing village in Cornwall and the very proper doctor has trouble understanding his patients or any of the townspeople, for that matter. His is always muttering, 'idiot,' after one of them does something similar to your fellow.

My husband and I have started doing likewise. Probably not very nice.