Friday, July 4, 2014

Blooms and Itches

Last Saturday I had an adventure! He Who happened in after a towing call agreed to watch the store while I went to a local nursery with my best buddy, Martha. I was so anxious to escape that I left knowing I needed gas for my car.

Now, we all know that I am a kept woman and never put fuel in my car. I keep an eye on the fuel gauge and inform He Who is in charge of this task when the necessity arises. Since that nasty little red light indicating low fuel was flashing, I pulled into the first station I saw. As I navigated my way to the pumps, I realized that I had no idea which side the tank was on. The VW tank is on the passenger side, but most others are on the driver's side. I took a chance on the driver's side and won.

It has been several years since I have put fuel in a vehicle. I started to pre-pay only $5, but decided I could spare $10 (this was out of my highly coveted plant buying money!!). Good thing I opted for $10, because it barely moved the needle on the gauge!

One of the plants I bought was the Texas Rose you see in the photo above. It had tight yellow buds and I fully expected the flowers to be yellow, but they popped out purple! Wish I had bought more of these. Half price, they were!

Wild flowers popping up everywhere! This one is in the sedum ground cover I have on the front. I didn't plant it. Maybe the wind carried the seed .... or a bird dropped it here. Pre- fertilized .....

This the burn ring we usually have big bonfires. Not this year. It is now housing a majestic sunflower. I thought about transplanting it to a garden, but I was afraid it would die.

It is a holiday weekend that started yesterday. I woke with an intense itching in my right eye. Poison ivy? Yes. On my eyelid. Called Here's 2 Eye's and talked to my Sweet Nan. She got on it, let me tell you! Barb called the doc and he called in RX to remedy my affliction. You can't use the normal remedies on your eyelid. Took all day to get my ointment, but sweet relief came last night.

I was so miserable that I took a Benadryl. Not the best idea I ever had. I was checking in campers and dealing with money while mentally foggy. I undercharged one man by $4, caught the mistake and congratulated him on his surprise discount. The lady I accidentally overcharged had to be corrected, as she was unwilling to pay $800 (supposed to be $80) for her stay. It was a long evening!

Time to go do it all again.


luksky said...

First off, Happy 4th!! Second, my neighbor just recently told me that on cars made after 2003 there is a little arrow on the little gas icon on your car dash that indicates which side your gas tank is on. I never knew this and of course when I checked my car has the little arrow. Just a little tid bit for the day. :-)

Linda O'Connell said...

Hope your itch stops itching. That's a terrible place to have it. Pool looks inviting. Bet you'll have a lot of little firecrackers in there today. Happy 4th!

Kathy G said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL purple flower! Hope your Fourth goes smoothly.

ellen abbott said...

Your purple flower is a bluebell. They used to grow wild, maybe still do but it's been many years since I have seen any in the fields, but so many people picked them they are hard to find now. The wild ones were a single. This is probably a cultivated hybrid.

Joanne Noragon said...

A happy 4th to you!
The owner of a motel pushed the receipt across the counter for me to sign. It was $4,000.00! I pushed it back, he saw the mistake and laughed. Then congratulated me for having that much available credit on my card.

mamahasspoken said...

You need to watch this video about poison ivy. It makes sense as to why I can get it in winter and believe me, I've started the friction right after I saw it!

Val said...

What time does your pool open? Can I put the chairs in the water? Can I shoot off my fireworks while sitting in a chair in the pool? Can I bring extra people to swim with me? Can they jump in and try to land in the chairs while I shoot bottle rockets at them?

Oh. Sorry. I'm sure you've answered those questions a couple hundred times already today.