Thursday, July 17, 2014

Good To Be Home

Things are almost back to normal here at the kampground. I have been super busy helping get things back in shape. I left detailed notes taped eye level at the check in desk ...... what a waste of time.

I suppose he tried. He did admit that it was difficult to handle a weekend with only one person. But, I think he missed taking towing calls. I think he may have taken some and left the kampground on it's own.

I was so tired when I arrived home Sunday. I did not take the store keys with me, thinking I would not need them. I was wrong, as He Who Was Towing was absent on my arrival. Swimmers in the pool and lots of activity in the park. Sign with the happy frog proclaimed that he would "be right back".

After we gained entry and lugged all our bags in, I opened the store and took care of business, all the while watching the clock. I close early on Sunday and 6:00 could not come soon enough. I was itching to wander through my gardens. I picked collard greens and cooked them for Jill. Love my girl!

The real work began on Monday. I had asked He Who was in charge in my absence if I needed to check on the bathrooms before I retired for the night on Sunday. He assured me he had mopped and stocked that very morning ........

Monday afternoon we had a conversation that went something like this ........Me: "Honey, did you clean the toilets while I was gone?" Him: "I flushed them and put toilet paper in the dispenser." Me: "Did you clean the sinks?" Him: "Why?" Me: Did you clean the mirrors?" Him: "We have mirrors?"

My apologies to all who entered in my absence. All those areas have been addressed. You will no doubt catch a whiff of Clorox lingering in the air. I have been mowing and weeding and mulching since in an effort to tire myself, hoping for a good night's sleep. While my body is tired, my mind keeps churning and I find myself gazing at the dark ceiling thinking thoughts I would rather not think .......

My four legged children were ecstatic to see me. Almost as much as I was to see them. I actually slept a good 6 hour stretch last night, with Cujo tucked tightly to my ribs, Oscar at my legs and Toni Louise's head touching mine. I was all tucked in. Wall-E was next to He Who he loves most. The temperature was in the 50's and the fan was in the window. I caught an occasional whiff of basil. Felt like home. 


Anonymous said...
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Linda O'Connell said...

Kathy, the first thing I do in any hotel is check for bed bugs. I bring my own wash cloths, too. Glad your dad is better. You sure had some travel experiences! Loved the campground line, "We have mirrors?"

Val said...

THAT'S why men don't understand why we complain about cleaning the toilets! It's only flushing and hanging toilet paper!