Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nature or Nurture?

Nature .... or nurture? What makes a person the person they are? Genetics? Education?

I don't the answer. When your children are young, you are responsible for their actions. For how long? At what age or level of maturity are the parents no longer held responsible? Your children are always your children.

Is there evil in the world, or are some people just evil? How does a person become evil? Are they born or developed? You see it all the time, siblings raised in the same household who turn out so differently. Are the differences a reflection of the nurture? You see adopted children who will begin to look like their adoptive parents as they begin to grow.

As you may have already guessed, I am struggling with a dilemma in my family. I would like to think that age and experience has given me the knowledge I need to make any decisions or to take any actions. I don't know that it has.

I have been pondering it in the wee hours of the sleepless mornings and all I can say with any conviction is that my heart is broken for a little girl that I love so much.

I have had my Bible open in my lap all morning, looking for answers. I don't have any so far ....... but I am listening.


Joanne Noragon said...

Kathy, I am so sorry. Perhaps you know where my votes lies--nature. The only hope is for the will to do right; to overcome nature. I hope for the best for your family.

Kathy G said...

Your children ARE always your children, but when they become adults their decisions are their own. All you can do is pray for them...and for yourself, that you can find serenity. Best of luck.

Linda O'Connell said...

Kathy, I feel for you. I am also experiencing those same issues with a 17 yr old grandson. It is definitely nature. All we can do is pray for them.

joanne said...

love her, no matter the problem. I know you will find an answer, praying for you.

Val said...

It's Mother Nature and her roulette wheel of gene combinations. If it was nurture, every family member would have identical temperament.

My thoughts are with you as you find a way to work through this issue.

ellen abbott said...

I used to think nurture trumped nature until I had kids of my own. Nurture can sometimes modify nature but not always. I think by the time a child is 16 or 17, a parent has had all the influence they can. After that about all the influence a parent has is how much or how little they will support the child's decisions. But ultimately, a parent must let the child live by his/her own desires. It is sad though when a child or grandchild goes wrong and you are powerless to fix it. All change must come from within. The only thing you can do is love.