Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mr. Murphy Is Still With Me

 Such a blue sky. The sun did shine and the winds were almost non-existent. My trees leafed out overnight.

Spent the entire weekend outside. I pulled weeds, tossed seed and mulched, and mulched, and mulched.

Apple blossoms to be. I love to walk the grounds when they are in bloom along with the peach trees. Smells heavenly.

Lest you are thinking that pesky Steven Murphy was in hiding ....... the weekend was filled with his antics. Thursday is the day we mow. Friday sometimes, depending on the weather and whatever else may interfere. Most of it was done on Thursday, but two big fields were waiting Friday. I did all my areas and prepped the trees and such, so I was able to work on my vegetable garden.

He Who mows went about the business of tackling the wide open fields. I didn't pay much attention to what he was doing, caught up as I was with planting and such. He finished and then rode up in my used to be car, the VW bug (He Who rides is not a walker). "I lost my hearing aids while I was mowing."

He commandeered my golf cart and rode off in search of them. I wondered why he would even wear them while mowing .......... He searched until dinner. Dinner was a silent affair. I had to shout and over enunciate to communicate with him. He got a towing call, the volume on his phone is piercing.

Upon his return, as the sky darkened, he actually found one of the hearing aids. Amazing. Made me think that Steven Murphy had done his bidding and would soon be on his way.

Saturday dawned with the promise of a beautiful day. I made the coffee and as I sat sipping, He Who tows arose and left on a call. Shortly after leaving, he called, "Did you mean to leave the water on all night?"

No, I did not. I went out to see that even the parking lot was wet! I had been watering two gardens and my potted plants when I was distracted by the arrival of Martha and Tom. Gussie, Martha's Norfolk Terrier, and I have a relationship. Had to stop and have a love fest with him. His whole body wiggles and he makes excited noises a he licks non-stop. Totally forgot I had sprinklers on. Huge mess.

To add insult to injury, my insurance statement came in the mail. Not only will the insurance cover nothing until the deductible is met; only $56 out of the $100 I paid for an office visit will be applied to the deductible. I am beginning to think I should just set a place at the table for Mr. Murphy.

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luksky said...

I have been known to forget that I put the hose in the pool to add water. Hours...sometimes days later I would remember after the yard would be flooded. I finally got smart and turn the timer on as a reminder.