Saturday, April 12, 2014

Daffodils and Mowers

Found my snow boots! They crush my toes, so I had them in the box to go to Goodwill ........ I bought them because they looked so happy and green and Spring-like. They are waterproof, so I decided to plant some daffodils.

A lone daffodil makes the frog so happy! Soon the morning glory will fill the pot and overflow.

I borrowed the daffodils from this garden.

They dance in the wind and promise that Spring is really here. Spring is the busiest time of year. So many pipes burst with the wicked cold winter weather. My job is to constantly remind (nag) He Who plumbs which ones are a priority. He Who is single minded when faced with more than one task. Never occurs to him that you can initiate one task and then go do another. The pool can drain while you mow ........ just sayin' ........

The rebuilt fence still stands sturdy and strong. Just one little problem .......... the grass is growing. The grass is growing at an alarming rate. Why is this a problem?  Why don't I just mow it? Mower is working just fine. There is no gate. The only access to the back yard is the back door.

I asked for the fence to be sturdy. It is. I did not specify that a gate be installed. I mean, I wanted a gate, just not the big double wide one that was there before. The one wide enough to drive through. The one that allowed a tractor in to ruin the grass I so lovingly tended. Just a regular gate, wide enough to fit a mower through.

I suppose I could maneuver the mower through the house and out the door. This does not appeal to me. Maybe I should just go buy another mower. You know, for the back yard.


Unknown said...

The only thing bad about Spring is that as you get busy in your yard and gardens, you blog less! I miss you when you don't write very often!
And yes, I think you should buy a small lawn mower for the fenced in area!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hello Kathy
It's been ages since I visited and I have just started blobgging a little again and thought I'd visit some bloggy friends.

The warmer Spring weather here is much more inviting for gardeneing but I cannot get into my old green wellies. Probably better I don't. Love the daffodils.

joeh said...

I think a gate may be cheaper than a second mower. One would think that you would not have to specify the need for a gate...I guess one would be wrong.

Val said...

Too bad you put those cute snow boots in my favorite color out to pasture. There's snow in the forecast Monday night, you know.

ellen abbott said...

the daffodils are so pretty. and yeah, same problem here...a guy who cannot multitask.