Monday, April 14, 2014

What A Difference A Day Makes

Saturday morning I took this picture of my peach tree. Tiny little buds adorn the limbs with the promise of peach cobblers to come. It was a beautiful day. Warm, almost 80 degrees. Balmy winds cooled my skin and deceived me into thinking my skin was nice and cool. I got a bit of a burn while chopping away at the soil in my garden beds.

Sunday morning ........ the buds were blooming! Overnight this happened! I was motivated to dig some more despite the forecast for rain and my aching muscles. I wanted to sow as many seeds as I could before the rain.

Rain we need. The snow lightly falling is a different story. Supposed to freeze tonight! This just wrong. I am snug under a blanket with dogs tucked around me, nursing a tooth ache. I have a date with the dentist tomorrow. I am not really looking forward to it, but will be happy to lose the pain.

Still no gate to the yard with the tall grass. You may place your bets and guess just how long it will take to get a gate installed, or a new door on the shed/carport that will allow me access to the yard. Still have to install the second gate to the dog park, scrub the pool and refill it, get all the plumbing working in the satellite bathhouse and clean it. The heavy rain last night left the roads in terrible shape. That will have to be addressed. All before Memorial Day. My gate is low on the list. Who wants to bet that I will be the one to fix this?

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