Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rear View Mirror

When Gavin arrived for his visit, he was eager to show me his golf cart driving skills. He was quite proficient and a very careful driver. I was impressed as he drove me around the park. I promised he would be able to drive in the parade as long as an adult was with him.

His cousins arrived the next day and the golf cart logged many miles as this was the favorite activity, along with the pool. Are you thinking "Uh-oh, what happened to the golf cart?" about now? It was my son, not my grandson was piloting the machine when it happened. I have heard many versions of what happened from each of the young riders. There was speed and a bump involved, bringing back a memory of a fender bender He Who is an impatient driver had many years ago when our oldest son was about 6.

My husband hit a car that had started to go at a stop sign and apparently changed her mind at the last minute. I was not there. He Who has been known to tail others too closely swears that she was in the middle of the road when she stopped her attempt to turn. Like I said, I was not there. A ticket was given to the woman, not the man. The man whose child was asked what happened by the police officer (who knew the man, coincidentally). The child replied, "Daddy was driving too fast and wasn't looking where he was going."

Anyway, my golf cart, was out of commission. Gavin was disappointed, but took it in stride. He was all set to adorn my cart with patriotic decor. Our sweet camper Nan gave him permission to decorate her cart.

He adorned the Nanny Mobile with red, white and blue. He did not utter one complaint about not being able to drive in the parade. Things happen and you go with the flow, right?

He sat on Nan's cart and admired his handy-work. Then the unexpected, generous act happened. Nan relinquished her cart to Gavin and he was able to drive! Did I mention how much we all love our Nan?

Gavin explained to me later that he really liked Nan's cart. One thing in particular he liked that mine does not have was the rear view mirror. Next time Gavin comes, the golf cart will be running (it already is. New battery and a new battery terminal was ordered and received and applied.), but it will be sporting a rear view mirror.


Pat said...

He's grown up so much! Sounds like quite a responsible young man! You sure must be proud of him!

mamahasspoken said...

He's just getting ready for when he gets those temp driving licenses ;o)

SkippyMom said...

God love Nan. Tell her we all said "Thanks" SO sweet.

And Gavin. Wow. I can't believe what a little man he has turned into. Better keep an eye on him G-ma. He is going to be making the girls swoon here in a few years. ::grin::

[I know. Not what you want to hear. But he is so dang cute!]

Hillbilly Mom said...

Such a happy ending! I hope Even Steven made a note in his ledger in Nan's column. He was obviously looking out for Gavin.

Joanne Noragon said...

You're a good grandma, but I expect Gavin has told you so.