Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Family Thoughts

The baby birds have all flown away. They are still in the park, swooping up, then down as they provide an air show for us. I was sitting on the porch as the parents fed them last week. They could sense the approach and would open wide for a meal. We all know what goes in, must come out. I will be cleaning the sunshade and the porch with bleach and water today, soon as the sun withdraws from the sky.

  Meet my granddog, Max. Such a sweet little dog. He is an easy going little guy, taking it all in stride. He claimed Papa's chair as his resting place. This is Toni Louise's spot. She argued a bit, but finally let him have it. She is easy going, too. They romped around the yard together. Toni was happy to have a playmate with endless energy.

Nap time is the middle of the hot, long day. So peaceful.

Can you imagine not loving that little face? He usually sleeps with Gavin, but Wall-E would have none of that. Gavin is his boy and he wanted exclusive rights. He ended up in my bed with the other three. Fit right in. My daughter offered to leave him here and her dad and I said okay. She was kidding, of course. He is supposed to be Gavin's dog, but, really, he is hers. Wall-E will always be Gavin's first choice.

The new dog, Cujo, was very confused. New people, new dog, then more new people. He tried to hide and remain as inconspicuous as possible. He was not all that keen about the new dog in his midst, but the four grandchildren really did him in. This dog is not a puppy, though tiny, he is full grown and by the looks of his teeth, at least three years old. House broken, not so much. He is a dribbler when scared. He gets sacred a lot. He seems to be afraid of children.

He nipped two grandchildren. One deserved it, one didn't. They both left him alone after that, which was his goal. He liked my daughter and she fell in love with him. She wanted him to go home with her. I would have given him to her. I only wanted to make sure he was to be taken good care of and my children all take good care of their pets. She decided he would not be a good fit with his dribbling problem. Okay with me, as he seems to have become my dog exclusively.

He is scheduled for surgery this Thursday. He will be a bit lighter when he comes home. I was holding him in the back yard while the granddaughters were here. Zara is five and not able to grasp the whole "gentle" thing. He nipped at her and she was content to play with Toni Louise. So, as I stood there with the little guy tucked in my arm, 8 year old Jada came up and lifted his puppy making equipment in her hand and asked, "Gramma, what is this?" I tried not to laugh and simply replied that it was his testicles. She looked mystified until Gavin told her a simpler term. Then she was embarrassed that she had so nonchalantly cupped them in her hand. There was hand washing involved. All her pets are female. Now that I think of it, though, how many fully equipped dogs have you seen lately?

I am still recovering from my very long and stressful week. My mother-in-law was buried yesterday. We spent many hours trying to get flights arranged from many different destinations. The fact that it was a holiday weekend did not help and airlines no longer offer discounts for family emergencies. In the end, I decided for my husband that he would not make that trip alone. We will be going to her grave together in October to have a memorial as a family. This will give all of our children and their families time to make arrangements, as well as us.

When my son died, we had to delay his memorial service until November. Death is rarely convenient. He who grieves has handled it in his own fashion. He prefers to be alone with his thoughts. Not easily accomplished here. He stayed on his mower quite  a bit. When he wasn't mowing, he was weed whacking. Both noisy chores that would eliminate the need to accept condolences. I think he was relieved when we told him he could not go alone. As much as he wanted to be there, he was dreading the trip. He is still subdued and sad, as anyone would expect. I am so glad I insisted he make the trip in March to see her. Better that he got to visit with her while she was still in this world.


mamahasspoken said...

Yep, those dogs have their pecking order and the newbie is usually put to the bottom unless they fight for something different ;O)
Thoughts and prayers to you and your family during this time. You are correct in that death doesn't care what your schedule is, it happens when it happens. Though now days, here, it seems like they do what I call a 'drive thur' funeral where everything is done in three hours. Saves money on the family but don't like the impersonal feeling of this type.

ellen abbott said...

'there was hand washing involved'. hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Definitely good that your husband got to see his mom while she was still alive. I never see the point of trying to kill oneself to arrive for a funeral service.

Linda O'Connell said...

Kathy you and your family have my condolences.