Monday, July 15, 2013

Family, Boys, Dogs, and Trophies

Missing my kids this morning as I sit here sipping coffee. My baby girl brought a hot pink frog and rock to grace my garden. This frog can only be seen from inside my side yard, lest someone decide it might look better in their garden. Once upon a time I had a lovely flower pot adorning my front porch with cacti in it. My grandchildren gave the pot to me and I was quite partial to it. It disappeared in the night. I hope the cacti fought back while being stolen.

Every time family visits I intend to get a picture. It never seems to work out. I want a picture with everyone in it and know that I could ask one of my campers to take the shot. But, the only time we all seem to be together is when they are leaving and no one else is around. Chad is not in the photo because he is taking the picture. Note that the dog in Gavin's arms is not the granddog, Max, but Wall-E. Papa still refuses to part with the dog.

The dog and boy share a special bond. Papa no longer exists when Gavin is in the house. Wall-E sleeps with Gavin and protects him from his own dog, the cat and all who would dare to harm his boy. When Gavin leaves, he goes back to being Papa's dog. Of course, throughout it all, I am the one who feeds and cares for the dog, along with the rest of the pack.

My old dog Oscar is becoming less active and sleeping much of the time. He gave me a scare last night. He was trembling and listless, with a warm nose. His breathing has been audible for some time now. He is fat and slow moving, but food is his greatest pleasure late in life and I cannot refuse him treats. Last night, though, he wanted nothing to do with his most favorite treat. I fell asleep with him in my arms. I know his time is short, but cannot bear the thought of losing him right now. He is back to his same old self this morning, demanding more breakfast. Thank goodness!

Wishing my boy, Gavin, was here to help Gramma shovel gravel today. Gavin's team won third place in their baseball tournament. Chad was his coach. I am proud of the boys!


Kathy G said...

That was a fast visit, but you'll have your memories to get you through the next few months until you can see them again.

Brian Miller said...

hugs. it just feels empty once they are gone...cut frog...sad about you cactus and pot...that sucks...

SkippyMom said...

Wow, so soon? I love the pink frog and I am sure it will be a wonderful reminder [and smile bringer] when you glance out your window.

[Now go take a Sharpie and write on the bottom "God knows you stole me from my rightful owner. Shame on you. Put me back."]

You're family is just beautiful. I hope they make it back soon.

Hugs my friend.

Joanne Noragon said...

Just make it a point to get that photo. Write a big note, tape it to the door, "We are standing here for a photo before ANYTHING!" It's important, do it.

Val said...

Wall-E looks like he's camera-shy!

Sandi McBride said...

I know how it is with company, some visits of one day are too long and others of several weeks to short...I love when company comes to call...good for the boys, player and coach!