Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Kevin's Tree

I have been absent from my laptop for what seems like forever. When last we "spoke", I was gleefully anticipating cardio rehab for HeWho had a heart attack. This has allowed me time to get stuff done. 

The rehabilitation of the store/office is coming along nicely. The registration desk has been relocated to the front so I can look out the window. Kamper Kevin (aka my wife) built the wall closing in the desk yesterday and I should be painting it right now. I seem to be running out of steam and have decided to take a few minutes of my quiet time to just sit and write.

Last week while the men were at rehab, I laid carpet squares. I scored two pallets of used squares that were in an office on Craigslist for a deal. Now, I do not need that many, but that's how they came. HeWho  parked the trailer in front of the store, giving me easy access to them. They are easy to put in, all you need is a really sharp utility knife to cut them to fit. One square is not heavy at all; a stack of ten is okay. But at the end of the day, your lower back will tell you about it! The main fixture that holds merchandise in the center of the store is a monster. HeWho built it, in place, never to be moved. Of course, that didn't last long. I have moved it a bunch of times. I have painted and repainted it several times. But, in order to put the carpet squares down, I needed to move it and then put it ON the squares. I was told to leave it alone, that the big strong men would handle it when they got to it.

So, you know I moved it. I unloaded it and then rushed to get all the carpet squares down, timing it just right to have the men lift it onto the carpet upon their return. This caused much raising of eyebrows and deep sighs as they put it in place. I did most of the work, their part took less that 5 minutes. I must have made HeWho feel guilty, because the next day while I was getting groceries, he attempted to lay the carpet squares to finish the store. I say attempted, because he cut too short on some and left unsightly gaps. I will be working on those this afternoon while my paint dries on the new pegboard wall that went up yesterday.

While the remodel is coming along, life in my home remains the same. The challenge to find menus that are heart healthy, that HeWho will actually eat is still daunting. No salt, no cholesterol, no fat ….. but tastes good. We are eating a lot of fish and chicken and salad. Fine with me, but HeWho wants beef and potatoes. He is also missing his daily serving bowl of ice cream. Sherbet is something he will push aside. Frozen yogurt would be great if I could find some. I will need to venture farther out in my grocery shopping and that takes time. I would send him, but he would come home with all manner of food that should never cross his lips again.

HeWho and I had a rather heated discussion about his invalid status. I had been waiting on the man like the staff in the hospital did. But, as I told him, that was then and this is now. I assured him that carrying his own dishes to the sink and putting his candy wrappers in the trash was allowed and actually good for him to get up and DO SOMETHING. He still drops his clothes where ever he takes them off, but he did that before the heart attack. Baby steps.

In the meantime, I should get up and do something myself. This Sunday evening we will be having a Christmas Tree lighting. All the campers have been asked to bring an ornament to put on Kevin's Tree. Kevin cut a nice tree and brought it up to the front and strung lights. All his idea, so I call it Kevin's Tree. Should be fun to see all the ornaments. I will be serving cupcakes and hot chocolate. I am hoping to have all the chaos of moving stuff around in the store done by then. I gave up on having all the painting done by then. I have the entire winter to get it done, ceiling and all.


Kathy G said...

Have you tried roasting vegetables? Despite what all the recipes say I always do it without oil, or at the most a tablespoon for four servings. (I put a silicone mat on the baking sheet, so don't even have to grease the pan.) The time in the oven completely changes the taste.

Would HeWho go for popsicles? I think they have some pretty good yogurt-based ones that are almost like eating ice cream. And...I can fool myself into thinking I've had ice cream by munching on some frozen fruit.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Cooking veggies in an air dryer is done with very litle oil and generally tastes ok

Joanne Noragon said...

You really do have a dedicated following of campers. HeWho needs to take a lesson.

Val said...

I hope you can get us a picture of Kevin's tree when it's complete with ornaments. Don't work so hard when you have help available! You won't have such dedicated people to wait on you if your back goes out.

River said...

I remember my own desperation when I was told I shouldn't eat ice cream because of my high cholesterol and blood pressure. It was hard but I did without for a whole year and a half. Now I eat it again, but much much less and not every day. So HeWho has my sympathy, but I agree he should be putting his own dishes in the sink and his trash in the bin. Mild exercise such as walking around the kitchen putting things away is good for the heart and if he can help with lifting a huge piece of furniture, a plate or two should be no problem at all.
I'd love to see a photo of the tree when it's decorated.

Linda O'Connell said...

You are the "paintingest" person I know.

Kevin's tree sounds wonderful.

I remember trying to tell my ex and his buddy how to get a refrigerator into a room. Did they listen to me? No! Not until they had it stuck...and then they finally agreed.

My guy cannot wipe his crumbs into the sink from the counter six inches away. Glad to hear HeWho is doing better.