Sunday, December 29, 2019

This Thing Weighs 600 Lbs.!

The new bed was delivered, as promised on Friday. HeWho and his cohort, Kevin were at rehab when the big delivery truck stopped in front. I went to the door and was greeted by a young man with a pained expression.

He asked if he was at the correct address in a way that made me thing he was hoping he was at the wrong place. He offered the bill of lading for my inspection and I confirmed that he was where he was supposed to be. Deep sigh from him and then he asked where I wanted the package to go after they unloaded it. "Ma'am, this thing weighs like 600 lbs." Just imagine his look of pure joy when I told him I wanted it left on the front porch! "Are you sure? It is really heavy, how are you going to move it?" I assured him that I was not the one who would be moving it, that I had a couple of strong guys to do that.

Soon as they got home, Kevin began the process of opening the box and reading the directions, while my crabby husband was helping me dismantle the bed in our bedroom. You need to keep in  mind that we have very little space in here. It is almost as tight as out RV. When you remove something, it has to go somewhere and usually ends up in the living area. That is where the box springs landed and the king size mattress landed in the store, up on end.

The new bed came in and got set up. The mattress we had for it was too thin, so I investigated the really thick mattress we had just removed and discovered it had three layers. The mattress was in good shape … until I took it apart to remove the pillow top layer and add it to the mattress on the new bed. I made the new bed, knowing I would not be inclined to dressing a bed at the end of what was to be a very long day.

Despite all my planning and preparing, I had to unload a big shelf unit in the hall to be able to get the 600 lb. bed to be able to make the turn into the bedroom. This was done while the men waited with the bed wedged in the hall. Then I needed to put it all back together.

But, wait, there is more!! While HeWho arranged himself in his recliner, Kevin and I were cleaning up. This is when Kevin told me that HeWho seems to think he is in charge had told him to throw all the rest of the old bed in the big hole they dug in the billboard field. 

This was not going to work for me, who hates waste. The extra bedroom in our humble abode had turned into a storage area of late. I really like having more sleeping options that just our room. We do, on occasion, have company. We usually put them up in our RV. I didn't want another room with a king size bed, but twin beds in an "L" formation against the walls would be doable.

When I enlightened the men about my new plans that had been forming in the back of my mind, they both looked at me like I might have a fever. I pointed out that the box springs were in good condition …. and HeWho pointed out that we would have to buy mattresses.

And this is how HeWho ended up cutting the old king size mattress in half, per my instructions. He was not happy about, but I suppose he thought about all the things I do for him (like putting all his pills in containers for his consumption) and decided he should probably just do what I wanted. It worked just as I had imagined it would. I had extra foam from other projects and I enclosed the "raw" sides and would be encasing the mattresses made from one in those mattress protector bags that zip up. The new twin beds are nice and comfy! With room underneath for drawers! I am quite happy with my solution.


Kathy G said...

Great idea! I bet the cut-up mattress wouldn't work for daily use, but for occasional guests it sounds perfect.

Val said...

That big hole in the billboard field isn't going to fill itself, you know!

River said...

I never would have thought to cut up a mattress to use as two, I thought you would be cutting it up for easier disposal. I like your idea better. I'm in need of a new mattress myself and have started saving for it.

Linda O'Connell said...

You and I are creative sisters at heart. While my fellow teachers tossed everything, I retrieved and repurposed their stuff. Then I went on to lead a teacher's workshop at a conference: From Trash to Teaching Treasures. Great minds think alike.

luksky said...

You are very creative!