Friday, December 20, 2019

Bah Humbug!!

I am taking a break, since my morning has gone to hell in a hand basket. I made plans to spend a quiet morning baking cookies to deliver to all my campers. HeWho was off to cardio rehab and I do not open until noon …. read the sign on the front door.

So, there I was, audio book talking to me, measuring and mixing, pulling one cookie sheet out of the oven and putting another in. Things were running so smoothly. I had two batches of dough chilled and waiting to be baked and was mixing another batch …..

The phone rang. Someone coming out to pay rent for another camper as a Christmas gift. I didn't say that I was not open, let them come on to give me money. Who am I to deny their pleasure in gifting someone. That call did not sway my mood at all. It was the second call.

A tenant calling to tell me that the sewer was not flowing on his site and he could not dump his tank. I was calmly explaining that HeWho does all things relating to sewer and his side kick, Kevin, (aka my wife) were not in the park. One was at rehab and the other was getting his chemo apparatus removed. I was suggesting that the line might be frozen from the cold night and that he could, perhaps, wait until this afternoon to dump when he broke in with his ugly question, "Do you want me to just dump on the ground?"

"Do I want you to dump on the ground? Do you want me to shoot you? Because I will if you dump raw sewer on my grounds." My good mood was now just a memory. He went on to make it even worse when he confided that he wasn't at his camper and wouldn't be until he got off work. So, he just said that to make my hackles rise. And he succeeded in doing just that. I had repeated his question back to him so that he could fully appreciate his own stupidity until I remembered who I was talking to. He suffers from "little man" syndrome and strives to make himself feel important by being obnoxious to others.

So, while I was interacting with "little man", I was also measuring and mixing and in doing so I found that I had added the wrong amount of flour to the next batch of cookies. A new recipe that involved zesting two oranges. Now the dough will not squeeze through the cookie press and I am profoundly irritated. I will come up with a solution. I am not wasting this dough after I have gone to all this trouble!

I almost wish he would dump sewer on the ground! I don't have a gun, but I know who does!


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Some campers sound like they try your patience

Val said...

Little Man is full of poop!

Joanne Noragon said...

I was in a similar situation once. My sister threatened to kill an arrogant worker (man). As we walked home she said "Did you hear what I said!" At home, we repeated the story to mom. We both said "Well, good job neither of us can fire a gun!" And mom said, "I can!"

River said...

Perhaps add another egg and more butter to the cookie dough? Extra orange zest too, or the flavour will be lost.

ellen abbott said...

if he wasn't even at his camper then he couldn't have been trying to dump his sewage. his boss must have just unloaded on him so he decided to pass it on.