Thursday, October 24, 2019

HeWho Is Stubborn

I was scheduled to head north, to Minnesota early Monday morning. We all know what happens to the best laid plans.

I loaded the car, laid out my clothes, had already stocked the freezer with healthier options than fast food for HeWho loves nothing more than food that is bad for him.

Went to bed early, hoping for a good night's sleep before my marathon drive. I wanted to be sure to get to my destination before dark. I am not a good night driver, especially in heavy traffic on roads I don't regularly navigate.

HeWho is the love of my life, joined me and the dogs for an early sleep. I was just about to succumb to slumber when he sat up in bed rubbing his shoulder. I woke and looked over at him. He was grimacing and when I interrogated asked him what was wrong, he said he must have hurt his shoulder and that he had indigestion. I told him where the Tums were located and he left to take advantage of the relief he was looking for.

I snuggled down in my covers with my loyal canine companions, prepared to resume my quest for sleep. He returned and continued to bounce around in the bed as he rubbed his sternum. I suggested a trip to the ER and was met with much resistance. He claimed it was "just" indigestion.

This went on for quite some time. He could not lay still and would not let me take him to the ER. He was downright mean about it. That annoyed me and caused me to worry. I slept a bit, but woke at 6:30 minutes before the alarm was set to start my day. I let the dogs out, started coffee and jumped in the shower. After dressing I went to let the dogs in ….

...and the day went down the drain from there on. I did not realize that the storm overnight had blown the gate wide open. All three dogs were on the lam, having successfully breached their perimeter. I was exceedingly annoyed until I heard the big diesel trucks of the workers in our parks start up, the fear gripped my heart. My little dogs are so sheltered form the perils of the world. I could just see them crushed under big wheels. I launched a search and found Toni Louise patiently waiting at the front door.

She did not respond when asked where he partners in crime were. I called out their names, adding "TREAT" to encourage their return. I left the gate open in case they had planned to nonchalantly saunter back in and approach the back door as if they had been there all along.

After 15 minutes, I woke the sleeping man who had kept me awake with his "indigestion". He went out with the truck and flashlight and I went the other direction. We finally found them, heading toward the open gate and I gathered up Cujo while HeWho scooped Eddie up. 

I interrogated asked the man with "indigestion" how he was feeling. He assured me that he was fine, just wanted to sleep a bit longer. Not that unusual. It was just beginning to get light. The thought of more sleep was appealing to me, too.
I finished tucking the last of my stuff into my car and came back in and lifted the dogs into the bed to prevent the howling that occurs when I leave them.

I kissed the scruffy cheek of my beloved and asked, once again, if he was okay. He insisted that he was and told me to enjoy my time away with our children. I left, still a bit worried.

I made it out of the driveway and not very far down the road when I realized I had no phone. I turned around, annoyed at myself and went back to find my phone.  

I finally left, an hour later than I had planned for. 

To be continued ...


Val said...

Oh my gosh! Now I'm worried about HeWho! And shocked that Toni Louise, the RUNNER, was the dog waiting for you at the door.

Debby said...

I hope he is all right...

Polly said...

I hope your journey was ok and I hope He Who is allright.