Friday, August 2, 2019

A Bee In My Bonnet

The weather has calmed down a bit, but it is still sunny most of the day. Just ask the Wooden Frog that guards the entrance to my daily hangout.

I have been weeding a garden that has been long neglected. Poison oak and ivy run through it. I finally decided to just tackle it and deal with the fall-out. Or break-out, I should say. I wash myself thoroughly in Ivy Wash after every session of weeding. But I still have spots on my ankles and oddly enough on my neck, up to my chin line. I have been keeping the itching at bay with various products. 

I was mowing last week. I mow all the areas that are hard to get to with the big mower. I go under low limbs and will stop frequently to move things and answer the ever-ringing phone. I was mowing around and under the apple tree when I felt something crawling in my hair.

The dermatologist recommended wearing a hat to keep the sun from my healing wound left on my forehead. I patted the hat wear I felt movement and the movement stopped. After about 5 minutes I felt something again. A tick, I thought. I finished the plot of grass I was mowing and pulled the hat off and sent my fingers through my hair in search of a tick. No tick. Seems I had a bee in my bonnet!! I felt quite lucky not to have been stung. I must have disabled his stinger when I squished him by patting my hat.

As the day went on I had a customer come in and ask a thousand questions and buy nothing. I was watering my potted plants and was anxious to continue and left the store right behind him. A wasp literally collided with my neck and stung me. So much for escaping the bee in my bonnet! I grabbed a tube of arthritis relief that has a numbing agent and went on watering.

After I finished that task I was pulling all the spent dead leaves from a tiger lily and just look what I uncovered! There were two of them in a shallow, deep under the leaves of the lily. One hopped over to the tarp I was putting all the weeds on. This one did not object when I picked him up.

 Unfortunately, Martha, the boy cat was at my heels, as he always is when I am working in the gardens and spied the one that got away. I just imagine he was a delicacy for Martha.

A better picture of his face. He was so cute and soft. I gave him to a teen girl here in the park. I don't think my animals would allow him to live in here. I did let the canines sniff him and Cujo nipped at him. I later learned that he got loose and hopped away on his own. Good luck little guy, I hope you went far, far away.... out of the reaches of Martha, the boy cat. 


Joanne Noragon said...

A bunny cutie. If it has any smarts, there will be hundreds more. If not...

Val said...

He's nice and plump. Not saying that for Martha's benefit! I'm sure that girl enjoyed him while she could. He's SO CUTE!

River said...

A sweet surprise to find two baby bunnies. I hope they manage to stay hidden from Martha.

ellen abbott said...

baby bunnies! we have wild rabbits but I rarely see them just little piles of poop in the yard. my dog treed a young racoon the other day. I got a picture but it wouldn't look at me.