Friday, August 16, 2019

RIP Georgie Girl

 I found this door lingering in the "barn" of HeWho. Now, before you might wonder, I did not enter this structure. Me being of sound mind and all that. It is a scary looking place that HeWho hoards his junk in with no organization whatsoever. I just happened to look inside when I was grabbing the gas can for my mower and spied the door.

The door was meant to be written upon. Just look at it, it is lined for heaven's sake! I was tired of my old headboard. It was nice and padded with various denims covering it. I even had a back pocket from a pair of jeans located conveniently where my hand could just reach up and place the TV remote inside. But, it was years old and hard to keep clean of dust and flying dog hair. So I painted and lettered the door.

My side is romantic, speaking of undying love for my mate. His side is, well, simple and to the point. Now I will need to paint the walls a complimentary color. I bought the paint in the "oops" section and paid $1.25 for a quart. I like the color and might just dump it into a half gallon of white and paint the walls. I like experiments.

After finally hanging the new head board I ventured out into the overcast day to look at my gardens. I picked these green beans and a few peaches that were ready. I ate one while I picked green beans. It was so juicy and good. Nothing taste better than a tree ripened peach!

My green beans look like snakes! They taste better than they look.

So, last night, right before bedtime I clicked onto Facebook and saw that my daughter's St. Bernard, Georgie, had died. She was 10 years old and had a wonderful life. They were preparing for the trip to take my granddaughter to college today and had left her at the kennel where she died in her sleep.

I bawled like a baby. Could not stop crying, so I could not talk to my daughter, lest we both blubber into the night. I was still sad this morning when I got up. I usually check e-mail and Facebook while I drink coffee. The campground page will sometimes have people trying to contact me about reservations. Not often, but I always look. This morning all I saw was obituaries for dachshunds! Four of them. I had to get out of the office and go outside! Just made me sadder. Georgie was a very timid and docile girl. She loved my son-in-law the best, she was definitely his dog. I remember him trying to teach her to wipe her feet when she was just a pup. RIP Georgie Girl.


Val said...

Aw. The poor departed doggies. I must admit, that got me teary about our old dog Grizzly. We got him at the pound when Genius was 3, and The Pony was just a baby in a basket. Grizzly was a beagle/lab, according to the vet. We found him stretched out in the sun, over by Hick's Shackytown, when we returned from a first day of school. It's like he waited for us to get back into our busy lives, after enjoying him all summer. He was 11.

As for your green beans (!), if you left them that long for cooking, your dinner guests could say, "I'll have A green bean, please."

River said...

I love the door colour, would fit perfectly in my bedroom. the sentiments are very nice.
Sad to hear about Georgie :(
Those are the longest green beans I've ever seen. I remember sun-warmed ripe peaches straight from the tree, with juice that runs down your chin and arm all the way to the elbow.

Linda O'Connell said...

My condolences on the loss of another fur baby. Heartbreaking.
I love that head board. You are talented, and I too, would dump that color into white paint and go to town. Peaches are my favorite summer fruit. An old neighbor man planted a peach pit in a coffee can and gave it to me. It grew into a fine peach tree which delivered a baker's dozen of the biggest, sweetest and juiciest peaches I ever tasted, then the insect boars got to the tree and killed it.

labbie1 said... sorry to hear about the loss of Georgie Girl. :(
Those are our wedding vows that you put on your headboard--on your romantic side, not he-who's side. ;>)

Joanne Noragon said...

Peaches are the best, especially peaches that ripen in August right here in Ohio. Dogs passing, not so good.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Sorry to hear aboout Georgie Girl
My husband is very romantic....... in my