Wednesday, June 5, 2019


Martha, the boy cat leads a hard life. He saunters out before we go to bed and wanders the park, catching prey if he chooses or just checking things out before bedding down in the shed to wait for the back door to swing open around 6 am.

Upon entering the house, he proceeds to rub his body against my legs. Sometimes so vigorously he trips me as I head to the bathroom. He sits next to me for a good head rub until the dogs come back inside. The day begins as he indulges in his favorite activity ..... annoying his canine siblings. He taunts them with his ability to jump up on furniture and swish his tail relentlessly at them. When they tire of this antic, he will hide himself and jump out at them as they go about their business.

This lasts only about an hour before Martha leaves to head for my bed.

He was giving me the stink eye because I was moving him in order to make my bed. He covered his face for the camera flash.

I feel the need to remind this creature that I rescued him and he should be more thankful!

Wall-E came home this week. His ashes are here, nestled next to the ashes of Sarge, Louise, Oscar and Emmy. He is in good company. I still find myself looking for him in my half sleep. I miss him, but I miss all of them.

But on to my rant for the day. I was outside putzing around in my flower beds and watched as EVERY car blew through my stop sign. As the drivers got out and approached the store, I would remind them that the stop sign was there. The responses were incredibly annoying.

I wonder if they just disregard stop signs entirely or am I just special. One woman seemed to think I was being silly. She admitted knowing it was there, but that she had slowed down and rolled through it. Nothing is wrong with my vision! I was WATCHING as she just sped right through. She was probably going about 15 mph. Right before she came in, a big Penske truck towing a car came in the exit drive, not slowing down at all until I walked out into the parking lot.

The passenger side window came down and I asked if they knew they were coming in the wrong drive. He said, yes, but there were no signs until he was already half way down the drive. There are signs aplenty. I painted each and every one of them in big bright colors with giant lettering. I went on to tell him that had he entered the correct drive, he would have seen the "no turn around" sign. "We aren't turning around." he said. "We are going to park over there (indicating a shaded site) to rest and maybe take a swim."

Really? "This is a private park, not the state park." I informed them. "Well, where is the state park? The sign said it was here." The sign indicates that the state park (Graham's Cave, totally different name than my park) is TWO miles and my park is ONE mile down this road. I am assuming they are moving somewhere and wondering how they will make it when they seem to be unable to read road signs.

My favorite reply to running my stop sign is the woman who stared at me in awe when I pointed to the two stop signs and said, "Well they weren't there last year!" The signs have been there for over 12 years. I saw to the installation personally and I am the one who repaints them annually.

I informed HeWho does my bidding that I want an audacious speed bump installed about midway the drive on both the exit and entrance drives. I want it to be big enough to hit your head on the top of your vehicle if you speed over it. I want new signs installed right where you will stop after hitting my speed bump. On the entrance side the sign will say "STOP AHEAD!!!!!" and on the exit side the sign will read "BACK UP, YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!!" No, I will make both signs double sided! 


RunNRose said...

Too bad you can't levy fines for running your stop signs! Good for you that you let them know you are paying attention. I am wondering. Did you ever explain how he came to be named "Martha, the boy cat"? Those shenanigans between the cat and the dogs add some fun to their lives. They probably don't see it that way.

Cathy said...

You have the patience of a saint - In all the years I've been reading your blog I've never known you to lose your temper. Well at least in the incidents you've related

How old is Martha now - he must be getting on a bit. He reminds me of the cat that belongs to another blogger (John Gray - Going Gently).His cat Albert rules the roost in a house full of dogs as well.

Joanne Noragon said...

I'm in favor of speed bumps. Then you can give them the stink eye, just like my cat does every morning when I make the bed.

There are speed bumps at the high school and they raised them last year, and damn, they are effective.

River said...

In addition you need to make them aware of the stop signs when making their bookings. Tell them if they ignore the signs the bookings may be cancelled... or levied at an extra cost. The speed bumps should make things interesting.

Val said...

Yes, yes! I want speed bumps! To slow people down, of course, but mostly because I anticipate the complaints about SPEED BUMPS! It will be all your fault that people were speeding and hit their head on the roof. Even if you paint a beautiful bright sign that says, "Slow down! SPEED BUMP! You'll hit your head on the roof!"

Linda O'Connell said...

Stop signs here are merely suggestions to drivers in St. Louis,and they run stop lights, too. Infuriating!

Walk outside with a camera, start clciking away, and say nothing. That should confuse them.

Some people are so far out there! Who thinks they can just sit and rest a spell and swim?

I do not know how you survive the dummies, the rebel rousers, the entitled, the dummies.
martha sure has the life! Have a great day.