Tuesday, May 14, 2019

They Don't Make Things The Way They Used To

I wrote the previous blog in advance of the farewell party. I was counting on being able to just read the words and not cry. That was the plan. I cried, DJ cried, Andrea cried. I think some of the others in attendance cried a tear or two. They are still loading their U-Haul truck. Who knew you could accumulate so much stuff living in an RV?

I notice some of their outdoor belongings gracing other sites as they decide what to take and what to leave. Quite a bit ended up in my gardens and my store. An old wooden breadbox with a roll-up door has me pondering possibilities in the wee hours of insomnia. Any ideas would be appreciated. I plan to repurpose it. I am lacking in counter space and if I put HeWho's Wonder bread in a box he would not think to look there and would be standing forlornly in the kitchen with a jar of Jif and a butter knife.

I have been going about the business of weeding, as usual. I found some old frogs all faded and sad and hidden in those weeds and ground cover. This one is missing some toes, but I like him. He looked like he was grinning at me and lent himself to a goofy personality …… so I gave him some teeth! I had to make them from popsicle sticks and corn dog sticks (I really do hoard junk just in case inspiration hits me). Everytime I look at this frog I giggle.

Here's a front view. Now I just need to add a coat of poly and he can go spread happiness in a flower bed. 

One of the items gifted to me from DJ was this food heating device. Never been opened, still in the original box, I learned that it was DJ's dad's before it became his. Regifting? This is so old that it had flat head screws in the box! Kevin put it together and we used it to keep the meats warm for our dinner.

Worked like a charm. They don't make things like they used to!


Joanne Noragon said...

And life goes on. Look, your frog is re-frogginated.

Val said...

I hope we don't read that froggy went a-bitin'. Uh huh.

River said...

Froggie needs a name, Kermit's redneck cousin? Greenbo?
My own garden frogs could use a new coat of paint, they're looking a bit washed out.

Linda O'Connell said...

Love your new and improved Froggie. Sad to lose friends isn't it? Weather should be good this week. I'm sure you will have more camp tales.