Saturday, May 11, 2019

Farewell To DJ and Andrea

Nearly a decade ago I recieved a request for a campsite. Not  an unusual request, given that this is a campground. The man was nice, nothing unusual at all about him. I see a lot of nice folks and forget most of them. If you pay and stay and cause no problems, I won't remember you.

He told me he needed to live in his RV for a lengthy time, until his wife could join him. Again, nothing outstanding. Then he moved in. Had I realized the value of the friendship this remarkable man had in store for us, I would have laid out the red carpet!! Dressed the fatted calf and held a gala in his honor.

I have often said that if you looked up nice guy in the dictionary, a picture of DJ would be there. He is the guy who comes to your rescue before you even know you need it. Always helpful to everyone who crosses his path, I am honored to have known him.

He was a lonely guy when he first got here, we all heard a lot about his wife, Andrea. Until she finally showed up, we were beginning to doubt her existence. Not as outgoing as her mate, she is equally nice. These people are the nicest people I have ever met! Andrea works quietly in the background, leaving her mate in the lime light. The Bible describes this as a good wife. A perfect match, these two. Getting to know Andrea was a treat! The woman has two green thumbs! She brings beauty to everything she touches. 

Everyone who drives through our park comments on the site occupied by DJ and Andrea. I doubt I will stop referring to their site as DJ and Andrea's site, no matter who stays on that site in the future. 

We have been blessed to encounter so many wonderful people in the past 15 years. Campers come and campers go. Memories fade over time, but their are some people who are unforgettable. They are kampers, spelled with a "k". They become family and they can leave, but they will never be forgotten. DJ and Andrea are definitely Kampers and more than that, family.

I will miss looking out my window to see Andrea with her garden tools and bucket, quietly weeding one of my many gardens. I would never kid myself that my gardens will ever be as neat and lush as hers! For the first time in years I did not buy banana pepper plants for my garden. I always bought them for DJ. Peppers would be my least favorite food, but DJ can cook up a batch that seems to have come down from heaven!

Life is bittersweet today as we say goodbye to our friends. Though I will miss them, I am happy they will be going home to be with their family and especially their grandchildren. I am a little green with envy over that part!


River said...

a bit bittersweet, sad to see them go but happy they are going home to family. Perhaps someone equally as nice will move in there. Fingers crossed.

Linda O'Connell said...

Good byes to good people are so hard. you were blessed to have known them.

dkzody said...

I'm sorry you are losing good friends. Hope they come visit.

Joanne Noragon said...

Gone, but never forgotten. What good friends.

Val said...

It's so hard to let go, once you become attached. At least you have all those memories. Maybe you can email or text them occasionally.

DebsBestLife said...

So sad that my favorite neighbors won't be there this summer... but very excited for them to be able to get closer to the kids and grandkids! You described them perfectly!

Friko said...

Saying goodbye is often a wrench, unless they are the sort of people you can’t wait to get rid of. Perhaps you can agree that you are the better and happier for having met these two. I sincerely hope they’ll come to visit and stay wth you again.