Saturday, May 25, 2019

Driving Faux Pas

So, yesterday started off with a bang. I was dizzy and queasy, then I could see the squiggly lines that precede a hum dinger of a headache. I don't get them often, but when I do …. Realizing that I had to stay on two feet and check all the campers in,  I dosed myself with Ibuprofen and Tylenol and caffeine and sugar. 

I kept the headache at bay, but I was still not 100%. Four different campers yelled at me because they wanted to just change sites at will and did not like the sites I assigned them. One woman literally screeched at me. There is mud on my grounds. Mud is unacceptable it seems. I gave her a refund and sent her on her way.

But we are talking about drivers today. You know you can go to any RV dealer and drive out in a 45' motorhome with no training to drive one. This does not let those pulling campers behind them out of my rant. I think you should have to take a course to be able to pilot these down the highway. Thursday's railroad tie dragger being a good example.

Yesterday, a man towing a travel trailer about 32' long informed me that it was impossible to park in the site I  assigned him. So I moved him and spent a lot of time rearranging sites with my pending headache. Wouldn't be so bad if the guy had not been such a jerk and yelled at me. Later, I parked the really big 5th wheel whose site was taken by travel trailer guy in that same site and he knew how to drive and pulled right in.

I happened to be standing up when I saw a truck towing a camper come flying in and do a 180 turn in front of the office. Dust was flying and I waited expectantly for the bad driver to enter so that I could chastise him. Some of my regular weekend campers I have watched grow from toddlers to teens rubbed their hands together in anticipation.

"Going a little fast, aren't you?" I said to the driver. He tried to charm with his boyish good looks and golly gee little lady attitude. Didn't work. I told him he could ask the state trooper who ran my stop sign how I feel about those who disobey my rules. Then I asked if they had any discount cards. I reeled off those acceptable - Military, Veteran, AARP, AAA, Good Sam, active police and firefighters. His wife said, "Well, he is a policeman" very quietly. The good dose of public humiliation he got was the highlight of my day! I heard his little boy tell him that he should stop speeding.

I checked in my last camper at 8:30. Never have I been so happy to be done for the day!


Kathy G said...

Your story of the too-fast police officer made my day! Thanks.

Joanne Noragon said...

It feels so good to score a moral victory.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

The lead foot cop story was a good one

Val said...

I guess the mud lady needs to camp on a paved parking lot!

River said...

I'm very happy to hear the policeman outed by his wife and told off by his son! How dare they try to break the rules when they probably spend the rest of the year handing out tickets for the same infractions!
Your "bad" headache sounds like a migraine, the wiggly lines is a dead giveaway. I'm glad you were able to hold it off with the medication, I've done the same when I was a working girl and it's not fun I know.