Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Cold Feet

This weather! I refuse to put real shoes on,  it is May and my feet like sandals!

I hope this cold snap goes away quickly and does not affect my peach tree. It already has tiny peaches on it. The strawberries are ripening and my tomatoe plants have finally started growing.

The peony bush was looking ripe.

It started popping with blooms and now it looks sad after the heavy wind and rain from last night.

My side of the bed felt empty last night with only the two short legged babies. I reached out several times in my half sleep to touch Wall-E before remembering that he was gone. This morning I stepped out in my bare feet on the cold wet grass while calling his name to come in, having forgotten again. I will probably do that a few more times. 

This is the last picture I took of him. He wanted to get down and find one of his favorite woobies to sleep with. He doesn't look sick, does he? His blanket was in my desk chair this morning. HeWho put it there when he took it out of his truck. I admit that I sniffed it before I gave it to the other three dogs. Toni Louise has claimed it now and is taking a nap on it. Cujo and Eddie were excited to smell him and both ran to the door to see him. Then I felt guilty for getting their hopes up.

If I can just make it through this day, tomorrow will be better. I hear the sun is supposed to shine again tomorrow.


Val said...

Aw. That actually IS a flattering picture of Wall-E. Your flowers must have had a rough time with those storms. The Pony said they had softball size hail in the forecast a couple days ago then the storms went through Oklahoma. I don't know if they actually materialized, but at least it missed his area in Norman.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I don't like to wear shoes at all and do not like cold feet, I like that photo of Wall E

River said...

That's a lovely picture of Wall-E, you could frame it and hang it by your desk.
I love my sneakers and wear them most of the time even in summer, only taking them off for sandals when the heat is too much to bear.
I suggest covering the peach tree and tomatoes with a light blanket at nights until the threat of cold snaps is gone.

Joanne Noragon said...

Wall-E will give Mr. Sun a kick to get him started tomorrow.

Cathy said...

Tomorrow will certainly be better - not only will the sun shine but you will remember Wall-E is now in a place with no pain.
I'm with those who say frame a copy of that photo, place it where you can see it, knowing he is looking down on you.

ellen abbott said...

our beloved pets never live long enough. this weather is wacky. it's May and we're supposed to hit 91˚ today.

Linda O'Connell said...

My heart goes out to you, my friend. Sending a hug.
Once I go into sandals and flip flops I don't go back. I really prefer barefoot and hate to have my feet enclosed in sneakers. And heels, Ha! Forget it! Not at this age anymore.