Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Keurig .... Quality?

Yesterday was pretty much a wasted day. I did not actually go back to bed, but I accomplished very little.

This morning I woke with renewed energy, ready to tackle ....... something. Knowing I had an early morning arrival of a new tenant, I showered and dressed, then brewed a cup of coffee. Fed the animals and began to plan my day. The tenant came and I took care of that. The office is cold and despite my layers of clothing I carefully donned with the notion that the temperature is supposed to rise significantly today, I was chilled to the bone.

Another cup of coffee seemed to be in order. Yesterday, I descaled the Keurig. The descaling solution was $12.99! To add insult to injury, it required wasting an entire gallon of water. I do not use the water from my faucet, I purchase my water. My well water is full of minerals and will kill a coffee maker in less than 6 months.

My Keurig is less than a year old and I am the only one using it. I have a cup every day and occasionally I will have a second cup. Like today. I have cleaned coffee makers before with vinegar and marveled at all the stuff that came out. The water that ran through yesterday was clear. Just a very small amount of what looked to be coffee grinds.

Should be good for 6 months or so, right? Imagine my surprise and annoyance when I tried to brew that second cup and it stopped in mid-brew. The screen told me that needle maintenance was required. The half brewed cup is full of grinds and undrinkable. The display showed a number to call and I would be happy to vent, so I call it. Of course there is no actual person I can talk to. The voice directs me to the internet. One cannot talk to the internet!

I really want to yell at someone and looking at a video is not satisfying. I got the stupid machine in an effort to cut back on coffee. I would have bought a much cheaper unit, a knock off, but HeWho likes name brand quality purchased it.

Somewhere, there is an instruction book that came with this unit. I admit that I did not read it before using the machine. I admit that I don't know the exact location of said book. But really, the stupid thing is not old enough or under enough use to require maintenance! Maybe this is preventative maintenance and the machine is pre-programmed to require me to have to purchase their products. Vinegar is cheap!

Okay, I feel better. Not nearly as much as I would have felt had I been able to express my displeasure to a live person, but, still better. 


Joanne Noragon said...

It is my finding that expensive new toys require excessive preventative maintenance. My experience was an irobot.

Linda O'Connell said...

I do understand your frustration. We have been at the phone store all afternoon and then back to Best Buy to speak with the Samsung rep. Issues not resolved. I am ready to scream, so I think I will go to bed early. I am exhausted and imagine you are, too.

Val said...

Dang! Why doesn't anything work right these days! Remember the days of Sears Kenmore appliances? They are probably still working, 50 years later.

ellen abbott said...

get rid of the Keurig which just adds more and more plastic to the landfills. get a french press. put in your grounds, add boiling water, press and voila! an excellent cup of coffee and no plastic to throw away and no expensive machine that requires maintenance. people who have french presses swear they make the best coffee.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ellen. French press or a pour over. No fancy equipment needed.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

It sounds like the electric kettle I apparently need to descale every 12 times it's used ... vinegar scented tea, anyone?