Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Goonies ..... continued

When we climbed into bed last night, I looked at He Who sleeps through everything and asked "Think they will call again?" He said he hoped not. He wasn't the only one.

Upon arising to a bleary, cold day, I headed out to restock and clean the restrooms. Nary a speck of paper did I found in the men's room. No, they did not steal the two rolls of toilet tissue, or the roll of paper towels. The empty cardboard tubes were right there on the floor. The little spring thing that holds the toilet paper roll was in the shower. But the trash can was empty. This was strange. The small trash can next to the toilet had feminine hygiene products in it. Stranger.

On to the ladies room. No restocking needed in this one. Really strange. I did my cleaning and mopping and went on with my daily chores. Harvested another pile of strawberries, then lettered and painted some signs.

While painting my big sign, the door opened and our guests of the previous evening filed in. I asked if I could be of assistance, but they were "just looking". One of the women wanted to know if I was making shirts. Really? I had a paint brush in my hand a smudge of black paint on my cheek from holding the brush in my mouth while answering the phone. The sign was bigger than life right there as I painted.

They bought a bag of ice and then asked where my cat was. I told them he was sleeping after hunting all night. The man from the many phone calls stood there with his big blank looking face and said "meow". Martha will skip hunting tonight. I am keeping my cat close by until they leave.

I locked my door after I finished the sign I was working on and mowed the rest of the day away. Since I was mowing on that side of the park, it came to my attention that this group made trips to the bathroom together. All six of them. Together. The big guy with the phone reminded me of that big guy on The Goonies.

They are gone now. I note that they used the men's room exclusively the first night ...... and the ladies' exclusively the second night. Strange. They were from Indiana .......


Joanne Noragon said...

This is even weirder than a border I had once that I called Tony Toiletpaper. I won't go into details. Good they're gone.

ellen abbott said...

people are very strange.

Linda O'Connell said...

They were weird. I could almost hear the twang of dueling banjos.

Val said...

They used the toilet paper to stuff their bras. Then they needed a new shirt to show off their assets. Mr. Martha was to drape around the neck like a stole. The ice was to relieve the swelling after Mr. Martha clawed them a red beaded necklace.

You're welcome. Next case.

Vicky said...

This says it all LOL