Friday, June 19, 2015

Rain, Rain Go Away

Flood warnings in the forecast today. All week has been like this. Rained every single day. Lest you be thinking that I enjoyed some down time from swimmers .... I did not.

My favorite was a woman who inquired about a refund if it rained? Did she not see the same forecast I saw? Did she not have a smart phone in her hand to consult? Did she not see the black clouds hanging low in the sky as she arrived? She insisted that she wanted to pay for her children to swim, but wondered aloud about the chance of a refund. The chance was slim to none. She stayed all day, only leaving the pool only when the rain was heavy. I figure if you want to take your chances with the weather, you should pay for that choice.

The grass is getting out of hand. The ground is too wet to get the big mower out there, so the push mowers were put to the task during a lull in the rainfall. I continued mowing as it started to mist lightly and did not stop until it was raining pretty hard and I was drenched. People were in the pool.

The phone rings constantly. Reservations and cancellations. This morning at 7:00 the phone trilled and awoke the sleeping hounds. The howling awoke me. I had been up at 4:30 with the puppy and the cantankerous old guy (the dog, not the husband) and I was definitely not happy to leave my bed that early.

It was a cancellation. At seven o'clock in the morning. I would never call a business at that hour. I wouldn't call anybody that early. The call was not answered and a message was not left on the machine. So, you may be wondering how I knew it was cancellation ...... I checked caller ID and returned the call.

Nary a drop of caffeine in my system, as I waited to hear the voice of the person who interrupted my much needed sleep. I am not nice without coffee. You can ask my family ..... you could even ask the hounds that awakened me. He wanted to cancel his reservation. "Okay?" he said. I then told him I would need to know his name. "Oh", says the early riser, like I was invading his privacy. I had my reservation book staring me in my blurry eyed face. He provided this secret information and I looked at my book for his name and not finding it, I told him it was taken care of.

Imagine his surprise when he finds a charge on his credit card account from whatever campground he had reservations with. Told you I was not nice when you wake me up.


Kathy G said...

I am getting SO tired of the rain! The weather guru is predicting it will move out for tomorrow.

Val said...

You are assumed to be all-powerful. You control the weather, and cancel reservations never made.