Monday, February 23, 2015


Not only is the internet and Blogger conspiring to try the patience of a lady in pain, but my new insurance card arrived last week. This will be the third business day I have been dealing with issues. I had the weekend to stew.

Did you know that PCP is an acronym for primary care physician? I didn't, but I do now. I had no idea what it was boldly printed on my ID card. Perhaps I would have figured it out had the name of the person behind it was followed by an "MD" or some other clue as to what they were.

I promptly called the office of the gastroenterologist I was referred to and gave them the information on the card. The man was very nice and assured me that my insurance was acceptable. He was all set to schedule my appointment when he asked for the PCP listed on my card (lightbulb moment for me). I gave him the name and he told me that the referral had to come via that physician ........ but, not to worry, since United Health Care was pretty common, I should just call the number on the back of the card and have them change the PCP in the computer and he would go from there.

Since it was nearly 5:00, I had to wait until the next day, because I wanted to call my clinic and make sure they took the insurance before I called that number. See, I can still think logically. Called my clinic and they assured me they did.

Feeling quite confidant, I called the member number on the back of my card. Not sure where the person who answered my call was, but English was not his first language. Add to that, I could hear the voices of other people answering calls just such as mine. I would, no doubt, have had no problem understanding this man in person, but on the phone it took all my powers of intuition to figure out what he was saying.

He tells me that my clinic does not accept the plan I have. He is very courteous and apologetic, eager to help me come up with a solution. He tells me I can call my clinic and have them update their participation ...... or I will just have to go with the PCP assigned me. And start all over with all the tests and trial runs of drugs before I get another referral. Crap.

I was told to come to the clinic today with my card in tow. Crappy road conditions and the fact that I was going to skip the pain meds today, so that I could drive without endangering my life and the lives of others, but found that I couldn't when I woke with so much pain, are keeping me home. I finally got the person at the main branch of my clinic in charge of insurance billing and gave her the information.

Now, I wait. My clinic is doing a major update and she will call me back when she has an answer. The insurance won't actually be live until March 1st, but I was hoping to get the appointment set up and be all set come the first of the month. What is it they say about good intentions?


Joanne Noragon said...

I hate watching it all go to s..t in my hands. Happens too often. I hope your venture into medicine starts getting better.

Val said...

You poor thing. Seems like nothing ever works like it's supposed to anymore.

joanne said...

pain makes the waiting all that much more unbearable and the frustration level grows...ack, so sorry you are still dealing with this, wish I had an answer.

Linda O'Connell said...

By now, I'd be ready to throw a shoe at someone. Hope you get this settled soon!

ellen abbott said...

this is why I prefer self pay but then, I'm lucky enough to not have any major issues, no serious illnesses.