Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Totino's Pizza Rolls

Back to the Super Bowl ........ He Who only occasionally watches sports on TV and knows the plot line of the Young and Restless, decided to watch the Super Bowl yesterday. He enjoys the commercials, after all.

He had seen a spoof on Saturday Night Live about Totino's Pizza Rolls. I am not a big fan of those. They taste like cardboard with pizza flavoring to me. I am a flavor snob. I like for my food to taste good.

I bought a smoked turkey on sale last week and decided that turkey sandwiches would do fine along with some salads. That way he could fix his own food at will all day long. We needed bread if we were to have sandwiches and I made a list with a few items we needed and sent him to the grocery. On the list I included the ingredients to make a chocolate lava cake in the crock pot. I am nothing if not a good cook and wife .... since I don't even like chocolate.

You would have thought that all the food I prepared would have been enough. There are only two of us and the turkey weighed 15 lbs. So, I was sitting there pondering things I ponder and playing spider solitaire while the football game dragged on and on, when He Who barely knows his way around a kitchen other than to create peanut butter atrocities, hands me a small plate with Totino's Pizza rolls.

That was not on my list. I don't know why, but I ate some. They tasted just the same as I remembered with their tiny little cubes of fake pepperoni and sausage and the chewy cardboard outer covering. It was one of those mindless things one does. It was there, so I ate it. As I write this, I still have indigestion.

I saw in the freezer that he has more of these pizza rolls left, since he bought the giant "family sized" bag. He always does that, he buys like he is still buying for our family of 20, instead just 2.

Now, before you point out that I cooked a 15 lb. turkey ...... let me remind you that 15 lbs. is small for a turkey and I have other plans for that bird. Not to mention the fact that it was already smoked and only a buck a pound. I also gave some to our friends, with some cake for their Super Bowl eating pleasure. He Who loves Totino's Pizza Rolls commented that we sure weren't going to eat all that turkey as he left to deliver the goods.

Oh, little does he know that he will be eating lots of fowl in the weeks to come, in some forms recognizable and in some not.


Joanne Noragon said...

I know another man who thinks a pound of artificial is ambrosia.

Linda O'Connell said...

Funny stuff! My husband buys in bulk, too!

Val said...

That trait must be in the male DNA. I sent my 16-year-old son to grab some frozen mozzarella sticks, and he came back with a box weighing more than the combined birth weights of those Kate Plus 8 young 'uns. The twins included.

I went back to look for less, but he declared that a mere bag was not going to be enough. We are set for the apocalypse. I think mozzarella sticks will barter well. Especially if I'm trading with men.

Kathy G said...

I haven't had a pizza roll in a VERY long time. I think that's a good thing.