Monday, February 9, 2015

Water Problem Solution ....... Happenng Today

The long awaited big day is here!! The well is being pulled!!

I have to admit that the term "well pulling" still makes me nervous. The term would imply that the well will no longer be there, since they are "pulling" it. I mean, when the dentist "pulls" your tooth ...... it is no longer there.

The weather this past weekend was wonderful, downright balmy. I was up in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday to fling Martha, the annoying boy cat, out the back door. I walked out in my nightgown and the warm breeze wafted round me. I was tempted to open all the windows when I went back inside.

Martha, the boy cat, has been sleeping in at night this winter. I felt cruel making him go out when the temperature was so low. He sleeps all day, after gobbling up all the dog food he can steal before the canine contingent take him down and they roll on the floor play fighting. From there he saunters over to the office door to gain access to his cat food. Once there he gorges on his Meow Mix, then comes back into the house and my empty bed to snooze the day away. He arises in the evening to torment the dogs until bedtime, then goes back to sleep with the rest of us until he decides he wants to roam.

To awaken me, he insinuates himself between the shade and the window and starts tapping the shade against the window, knowing this will annoy me awake. That fat cat is smart. One cold night at 2:30, I scooped him up and tossed him in the office. He came back an hour later and got under the shade and scaled the window to the top and mewled loudly. See what I mean?

But this was supposed to be a post about my first thought of the morning. The weather has changed. It is cold today. So, I wondered upon wakening ..... is it as cold as a well diggers a$$??

Should I go ask?


Joanne Noragon said...

I'm probably tempting fate here. When we two city girls bought this house in the country thirty years ago, all we cared about was the studio. So what if it came with a septic and a well. We live in a region where water comes from the water truck; wells are few and far between. We have the only well on our street, and its been as steady as the rock of Gibraltar. Once small repair to the line to the house, that's all. Now I'm going to go bite my tongue.

Kathy G said...

HA! Probably shouldn't ask (but if you did, please let us know).

Val said...

Do well-diggers wear their pants like plumbers? You don't have to ask. Just observe.