Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Clouds and Silver Linings

Still waiting for a solution for the health insurance. In the meantime, life does go on.

The well situation has been resolved. But do not assume that my water issues are over! You will recall that broken pipe allowed the well to suck in clay and roots. All this went through the pipes and came out in the sinks and tubs .......

I was taking a much deserved steaming hot shower, relishing the good water pressure pounding on my back. I was in no hurry, since all is well with the well (snicker). So, I was just lathering my hair with shampoo, letting the water massage my back when all of a sudden the shower head flew off!

If I thought I had good water pressure before ...... I was being power washed!! Now I am in a hurry! I have never been so clean! I am making a list that will include new shower heads for all the bathrooms in the park ....... seven, in case you are wondering.

That is not the end of water issues, though. The weather is bitterly cold and that always means pipes will burst. Every effort is made to prevent this. Space heaters are turned on in the bathrooms and the laundry room at night. So the pipes won't burst.

Since we have no guests in the park, one would assume that the laundry room would not be in use, right? I was chopping vegetables, preparing dinner, four dogs at my feet. I turned to the stove to check the oven, then stepped back to the counter, when I noticed I was stepping in a puddle. 

I felt the difference as I stepped down. Yes, I had shoes on, I rarely go barefoot, even in warm weather ....... which is odd, since I hated shoes as a child. I can feel things underfoot, unlike He Who notice nothing and tracks everything through the house. My first thought went to a puddle of pee, and I immediately asked who did it, before I even looked down. The puddle was huge and growing, coming from under the cabinets. I yelled for He Who fixes pipes. My kitchen is on the other side of the laundry room.

Did I say that He Who is not detail oriented? He turns the water off before launching his investigation. He finds the laundry room door wide open. There are others who live out here in the country. I have already forbidden the use of my dumpster. They were amazed to know that I have to pay for the removal of refuse ...... that is your first clue.

He Who is not very observant recalls those same people had been in the laundry room the previous day. He thinks they may have left the door open. It did not occur to him to check that door before retiring for the night, he just assumed they would close it. Well, you know what happens when you assume? You end up with broken pipes to fix.

Any coins they fed the washers and dryers yesterday did not benefit me at all, since now we have a broken pipe. I mopped up four gallons of water. Yes, I measured it. I could hardly pick the bucket up to empty it. I confess that I added a little floor cleaner to the water and swished it all over the kitchen and dining room and back hallway before I mopped it up. This is the difference between me and my mate. He sees clouds and I see silver linings. Opposites do attract.


Val said...

Maybe you need a low-flow shower head. I hear it's easier to wash your lettuce when you're preparing a meal in the shower to save time.

Linda O'Connell said...

Good golly, you can't catch a break. Well, at least you're sqeaky clean :)

Unknown said...

I can relate because I also have a 'He who notices nothing and tracks everything through the house' and 'He who is not very observant', living at my house! As funny as it seems, and I did laugh, a shower head flying off could have seriously injured you or another camper. I understand that power washing services are in great demand in some areas. Perhaps all you require is a hose! Can you buy shower heads that will withstand such pressure?

It is a fact that even when you are not running a business or are the owner of a park, your other half can live through the most dire circumstances, completely oblivious to what is actually taking place. If you are not facing some sort of water disaster it may be an electrical failure. This does often depend on the district in which you are located and the particular Local Water Service or Electrical Services. In some instances it may be a simple plumbing problem.

Unfortunately those of us who tend to notice everything, have our work cut out for us, especially when opposites attract. It is wise to always double check everything if you want to stay ahead of the game. Don't ask for more than one task to be done at a time and only once you are sure it is completed do you move on to the next.

Through all the trials, floods and broken pipes 'He who is' will never cease to amaze and surprise you. He may be called a lot of things but 'Boring' is not one. There is indeed a silver lining hidden in the clouds!

Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing