Friday, February 14, 2014

Temperatures Rising Revisited

Okay, maybe it did sound like I like the freezing temperatures ....... not at all what I meant to say.

I like SNOW. Not the crazy degrees we have been experiencing lately. I like the nice clean blanket upon my outer world that stays until the big thaw of Spring. Not the melting and icing that we have had this year. So, just so you know, it is the snow I like and not the freezing temperatures.

Besides the snow on the ground in Minnesota, there are other reasons my heart is there. Gramma is missing her grands. If not for the shoulder, I would have made a trip north by now to see them. To relish all the hugs and kisses and chaos ......

Then come home and actually enjoy the solitude.


Val said...

I understand how you think of Minnesota. So cold, but yet so warm.

Linda O'Connell said...

If you wait until summer you will get a reprieve from the heat wave.
I like the first snowfall. The rest suck.