Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Watching TV

Eight degrees here. Just heard the weather forecaster say it would be 15 by noon and maybe 18 by lunch time ....... I am confused. I thought noon was lunch time.

Watching too much TV. Nothing else to do. No, that is wrong. Plenty to do, if only all my joints were moving. I see an ad for a new show. Hollywood Hillbillies, I think. The matriarch of the family is negotiating the purchase of a vehicle and says she will throw in an IUD to sweeten the deal. Her daughter corrects her, saying, "No Mama, you mean IOU." The exchange caught my attention and made me wonder where she would obtain this IUD and what she thought the car salesman would do with it. Southern accent, wonder which state will become synonymous with her particular brand of ignorance.

Just scoped out HGTV and DIY to see what I have in store today. Kitchen Cousins or Property Virgins. I may just end up watching LMN today. So many choices, too much time to fill ........

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Val said...

My lunch time at work is 10:53 a.m. Of course I was off today because of the snow. Again. I watched four episodes of Property Virgins.