Friday, January 24, 2014

How Do You Feel

With my hands. That's what my dad would say when I asked him. I said it myself this morning. The verdict on my shoulder is that I have most likely torn the rotator cuff and will need surgery. I will need an MRI first to confirm the diagnosis.

So, while I wait for my insurance that is supposed to start next month, I have a new regimen for pain control. I took the Flexeril last night to relax all those muscles that are tight and painful. I slept pretty good, but my shoulder was aching when I woke. Stands to reason, since the drug is no longer in my system. But, He Who Cares, was amazed that I did not feel all better. I took a pill, I did not have surgery. Nothing has been fixed. So, no, I don't feel better.

Coffee has tempered my attitude. I confess that I am not really pleasant in the morning until I have that first cup. Then I carefully counted my pills to make certain I will have enough until the insurance arrives. I count things. I calculate. I worry. I wonder if I should withhold the blessed relief contained in that bottle ..... anticipating that the proof of insurance may not arrive before I run out. Then I wonder if I will damage my liver or kidneys with the Tylenol and the Ibuprofen I am swallowing.

I took the Tramadol, throwing caution to the winds. I am tired of the pain and want to feel normal again. I did not realize just how miserable I was until I took that first dose.

I now sit here sipping my coffee with an ice pack on my shoulder and wait for the pain to ease. I wonder what people did before they could diagnose and repair this particular injury. Like I wonder about how they washed clothes in the winter when all they had was a creek and a rock. He Who Cares says I wonder about too many things ........ is this just a nice way to tell me I talk too much?


ellen abbott said...

I imagine they got the older children to do it. but, bummer. That's what I thought it might be but did not want to suggest it to you. don't invoke the gods and all that. friend of mine had the same deal. recovery is a long slog but at least you have insurance, or will soon.

Cathy said...

Doesn't sound like the best diagnoses - but better fo you to know than keep worrying about it. Will your insurance pay out on the treatment/surgery now its actually been diagnosed, it would be classed as a pre-existing ailment down here. Also will 'he who tows' be able to manage while you are recovering?
I suppose if the weather bucked up you wouldn't feel quite so bad - well all things considering that is.
Take care

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear how bad the shoulder is. With that kind of pain, I can understand you questioning everything. Your mind just isn't very clear.

As for winter time clothes washing, they just didn't. People weren't as clean as we are today. Or, if they lived in the city, they sent their clothes to the laundry. Our city had many laundries and that was the way many young single women made their living.

Val said...

I feel guilty for complaining about my achy joints. You poor thing. I hope you can stay comfortable. Maybe alternate the ice with a little doggie heating pad.

Linda O'Connell said...

I feel so bad for you and that awful pain. Take those meds for temporary relief. As for asking questions, smart people have inquiring minds. By the way, I hate that Hillbillies teaser. TV has gone crazy.

joanne said...

oh dang, I had that surgery about twenty years ago, it was not bad as surgery goes but I remember a lot of rehab. I hope you get your insurance soon and get this taken care of, it has gone on too long. Tramadol huh?

Anonymous said...

I was concerned that's what was going on. I hope all goes well and I wish you a speedy recovery.