Saturday, January 18, 2014

Snow, Sunshine and Paint

I don't know why I even watch the news. It is depressing. Mainly we want to see the weather forecast. But, it is rarely accurate. Supposed to be  40 degree day with balmy winds. Okay, they got the wind right, but the swirling snow I see out the window tells me it is not 40 degrees out there. The snow is sticking, which also indicates it is not warming up.

Whatever. Can't do anything about it. With February fast approaching, I decided to do a major cleaning in the store. I pulled all the accumulation of things that have been stuffed into the storage closet. You know all that stuff you push behind doors when you are cleaning and hiding clutter. There was an unbelievable pile of stuff when I finished.

He Who is a pack rat refuses to part with electronics. Don't know why. If the phone battery dies, he will come home with a brand new system. Never the same brand. I found Samsung, GE and AT&T. Phone chargers, handsets and tons of power supply cords. I put all this stuff on the table for him to peruse. Like last call at the bar, I told him he did not have to get rid of it ....... but it can't stay here.

A lot of stuff remains on the table and there is a pile to go to Goodwill and the dumpster is getting full. The storage closet is organized and labeled. My friend, the taxidermist, has many talents. She was bored and came to see me and worked for two days! I will confess that she had more energy than I did. She was like a tornado of ideas and I was the naysayer. My shoulder was on fire, but we pulled the fabric from the walls of the reception desk and replaced it with burlap. My fabric had license plates on it. Sherry, the stuffer of dead animals, proclaimed the fabric to be too busy. I liked it, but a kid had plucked at it, trying to get a license plate off (while his father encouraged him) and it was time for a change. 

She is going to trim the area out for me. She wants to paint all the walls and get rid of all my chotchkies, my stuff collected over the years. The horseshoes we found on the grounds as we cleaned up different areas, my cigar boxes that belonged to my Grandpop, the leaking Emu egg ( a treasure of He Who), and my collection of wooden spools. She thinks I have too much stuff displayed and the eye has nowhere to land.

She could be right about about all that, but I am old and set in my ways and not easily persuaded. Painting the entire store with my bum shoulder does not sound like a good idea to me. It does need to be painted and you know it is when you start cleaning and you spruce up one thing ...... makes the rest look bad and the project snow balls out of control. Can't let that happen with my achy shoulder.

I am going to paint some of my fixtures and get them ready for summer ........ but, I would rather be sewing.


Erik's RV Blog said...

My burning right shoulder feels your pain...

Val said...

My healthy shoulder pats yours gently, and says, "There, there."

ellen abbott said...

it's nice to have someone help you with a big job but not if they just want to get rid of all your stuff!

mamahasspoken said...

Did you know that you can take all those power cords and anything that has wires to the recycling center and get money for it? That's what I do with mine.