Friday, July 9, 2021


The holiday weekend went quite well. No big issues arose and for the first time in years, I was able to sit down and eat with the campers, having taken care of all the nightly registrations. I was tired, though.

I thought about skipping out on the fireworks and going to bed after I handed out sparklers and glow in the dark necklaces to children. Then I decided I should watch, it might the last time I see fireworks here. I try to keep an eye out for any injuries that might be sustained by HeWho and his band of pyromaniacs on the other side of the pond. I confess that I wouldn't get too excited unless I saw a moving body on fire. In that case, I would hope that someone would douse the flames in the pond.

Today another weekend begins and so far it is not starting too well. I had just dragged myself from sleep to take the dogs out and brew coffee. I was still inhaling the hot magical brew when the first phone call of the day invaded my serenity. Having not used my voice yet or had some hot coffee flow down my throat, I knew whoever it was would have to know that I had just awakened.

The man jumped right in, asking if I had a spot for him and his family tonight. He went on to tell me that they were at the state park and didn't like it ... his kids had nothing to do ... the bugs were bad ....

On and on he went until finally he paused long enough for me to answer his query. I told him that I could not remember what was on the books for tonight and that I was not in the office. "Oh, did I wake you?" I told him that he hadn't but that I had just gotten up and asked if he would mind calling back after 9.

After agreeing to do that, he seemed to want to settle in for a nice long chat! Again he wanted me to know how unhappy his children were there in the state park. I firmly announced that I was not up to chatting as I went about the process of waking up and hung up .... already annoyed for the day that lay ahead. This is always a bad sign of the day to come and so far the omen of the early morning call is holding true.

Early caller arrived before check-in time and I was nice enough to go ahead and check him in. As always, I inquired about the status of his vaccination and he didn't seem to be bothered by my asking. He is a talker, though. I can't fault anyone for that, since I am one myself. But I wasn't open for business yet and still had a few morning chores awaiting my attention. I was careful to simply answer his questions and not add anything that would prolong the conversation.

I did not bring up politics, since this is a taboo subject nowadays. He began extolling the virtues of our previous president, referring to him as a fine military man!! Although that voice in the back of my head was telling me to walk away, I just couldn't.  I pointed out that Trump had never served in the military, but he said that didn't matter, he was still a great military man. I just stared at the man in wonder.

It sort of went downhill from there. Swimmers arrived and I asked the mother of a brood if she had been vaccinated. She had not and when I asked her to don a mask, she proclaimed me to be violating the HIPPA law and said she didn't have one and made no move to remove her unvaccinated self from my office. She couldn't to seem to stop telling me how wrong I am to require this and that I needed to stop violating the law.

This is when I told her that the only person's opinion that matters here is mine, that she was on my property and that I could ask whatever I wanted. I went on to tell her that I did not make her come her, would not make her stay here, but if she chose to be here she was subject to my rules and regulations and that she was misinformed about the HIPPA law and that she might want to educate herself about it before she accused others of violating the law. 

In other words, I was rude. I suppose I could have tried to explain the HIPPA law to this self proclaimed knower of all things HIPPA because she works in a health facility. I am not sure in what capacity she works, but she should know what she is talking about before spouting off at me. I would be violating the HIPPA law if I asked her health care provider to disclose information about her health and her vaccines and the health care provider would be in violation if they provided it to me.

She paid for her children to swim and she is now at the pool. She should know not to come in here without a mask. I told her not to come back in without one. Time will tell. You just never know these days what people are thinking.

Just last week a man confronted me, asking why I was so worried about COVID since I was fully vaccinated and couldn't "get it". "Of course I can get COVID! It just wouldn't be as severe and I don't want to find out!" 

I pulled something in my shoulder and have been in constant pain for three days. It feels like someone is trying separate my arm from my shoulder and the pain shoots down to my wrist. But I have things to do and there is nobody here right now to jump in and take my place, so .....

Maybe the pain is making me more irritable than normal? Perhaps I will apply Tiger Balm again. At least the burning sensation makes me forget about the pain for a bit. Maybe I should print out the HIPPA law and start reciting it to everyone that complains when asked to wear a mask. And, who works in a medical facility without being vaccinated? Seems like you would want to protect yourself as much as possible since the chances of being exposed to COVID would be greater for workers in a medical facility.



Joanne Noragon said...

I've read a great many health care workers are unvaccinated in those three or four big bubbles of unvaccinated citizens. I know Trump was vaccinated and I don't understand why such a great "leader" won't make a public service announcement, beg his minions to be vaccinated. But, I don't understand the man.

River said...

I have my doubts about whether she works in a medical facility, some people just say that to make others think they know what they're on about. We're too smart for them, right? I have a neighbour who claims to have been a nurse and spouts off all kinds of information which doesn't sound right to me, and she knows next to nothing about basic nutrition. Perhaps print off several copies of the HIPPA laws and hand them out with registration forms?

Val said...

I hope Chatty Caller doesn't hold you responsible if the bugs are also bad at your place!

ellen abbott said...

so much ignorance in this country. maybe you should make a poster and put it on the door:
1. if you are not vaccinated you must wear a mask to enter.
2. I don't care what you think about #1, you must still wear a mask.
3. no I'm not breaking the law by requiring this.
4. yes, I can demand this on my private property.
5. don't like it? you don't have to stay here.
6. don't argue with me on this point.
7. I don't care who you know or listen to that says different.

Anonymous said...

I always root for you. You could go bear hunting with a switch and walk out of the forest unfazed. LOL. What'll we do if you retire? May you retire when it is time. You will know when it is time. Then you will write your memoirs. HeWho can help round out some narratives.

Be well.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Some people arre still not taking Covid seriously