Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Snakes and Drains

Still mopping my kitchen too much. When I attacked the laundry room and shower rooms with Clorox yesterday, I took note that the men's room was also flooded. I mopped and cleaned and patted myself on the back for all my efforts, then took a nice nap.

Well, I forgot to take my glasses off when I napped and now my eye orbits are sore and tender to the touch. This morning I noticed that the water issue had not been resolved. HeWho has no re-hab today has been a busy guy. Two trips to town for drain opener.

For the past few weeks someone has been leaving the electric heaters on in the shower rooms and leaving the doors open. This behavior is not acceptable if you want to stay in my good graces. As you all know, I have spies strategically placed among the tenants. If any shenanigans are going on, I will know in a matter of days.

Now that I know the culprits of the heater situation, I am thinking the drainage problem is not my laundry room at all. I am thinking it is most likely "look what was flushed down the toilet and is now backing up the main drain for this building" situation. HeWho is not happy about this. Not that he will be confronting the bad actors. That will be me. That's okay, I am quite capable of getting my point across. I will simply remove the heaters and they will be forced to ask for a heater and hear my speech about the use of the heaters, or they can be cold.

HeWho will be the one snaking the drain. I prefer my job.


Joanne Noragon said...

I think the distribution of labor is fair, here.

River said...

Oh dear, stuff flushed that shouldn't be is always a nightmare to repair. I always thought that toilets are connected to sewer pipes that are separate from main drains, is it different where you are? Over here there was something in a magazine or newspaper that I read a while ago, where a plumber said only the three P's should ever get flushed down a toilet. Pee, Poop and Paper. Maybe you could make a sign to that effect and hang it where all campers can see. I don't envy HeWho having to snake out the toilet.

Val said...

Heh, heh! I like the idea of you confiscating the heaters. You should check them out like an old-school librarian, making them sign little cards, and noting the date and time. Maybe even threaten a FINE if they delay bringing it back!

Linda O'Connell said...

More and more I scratch my head and ask, "What is WRONG with people?" We have a reasonably priced "snake charmer" who can remove tree roots etc. and comes when called.

I fear your water pipe issues will be resolved and then spring floods will occur. Ever consider packing up and going on vacation? Yeah, I know you would have to return to the messes. But it seems you deserve a repreieve.

Amanda said...

I used to work for the National Park Service. Sometimes I'd get really aggravated with our maintenance crews; I was working at a historic site and we were constantly at logger-heads about how to care for it. But especially after holiday weekends, I'd go by the campground restrooms and see what they had to clean up or fix and just Shut. My. Mouth.