Sunday, February 9, 2020

I Am One With The Mop

All week long I have battled the water from the backed up drain. The nasty aroma of copper sulfate drifting through the air. My home smells like a giant fart!

Many trips to the store for various remedies that do not work. Power plungers, routing implements and such lie carelessly about the laundry room that is currently out of commission ...….. I hope that the sign will stop someone from trying to use the washing machines. If not I will be mopping even more today.

A for-real plumber is scheduled for tomorrow!! I am all a tither with anticipation. My guys pulled a lot of gunk and hair out, but it is still blocked. I saw a small sock stuck in the drain pipe thing from one of the washers. You know the hook looking thing that goes into the pipe that leads to the main drain. Of course I removed it, but I wonder why it was there … and where the mate to that sock is.

Yesterday, everything started draining. Slowly, but draining. It was raining when I woke and the problem seems to be even worse today. I dared to shower this morning and flooded the bathroom. The toilet that had been flushing sluggishly is not flushing at all. I was thinking I might as well just pee on the floor like a dog!

Can't wash dishes, can't do laundry. As much as I would like to run away, Linda, you are right that it would still be here when I returned. Besides, HeWho has cardio re-hab until March. I dare not leave him on his own. He is taking a blood thinner and has to be reminded to swallow his pills.

So, here I am. Watching movies and hooking a rug. Too cold to paint the store and I can only imagine what paint and copper sulfate would smell like. I can hardly wait until the plumber arrives tomorrow! Not only am I ready to stop mopping, I am curious to see what has been blocking the drain.


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Having to mop stinking smelly messes up sucks but ya can't not do it.

ellen abbott said...

I hope your sewer pipes haven't collapsed.

Joanne Noragon said...

You have my complete sympathy. When I bought the last house, I had all new drains installed. That involved jackhammering through the basement floor. Awful. Life went on for several years, and then one day the septic backed up into the basement. Yes, they laid all new drains everywhere, except up the the last six inch clay pipe drain into the septic. It collapsed.
I hope tomorrow resolves everything.

Val said...

While you have my sympathy for going waterless, I am giddy with anticipation for the reveal of the cause!

Kathy G said...

I KNOW you'll let us know what happens!

River said...

I'm also curious to know what is blocking your drain. I know one of the worst culprits is hair, especially long hair, but small things like socks will do it too and of course the sanitary items that shouldn't get flushed. Some idiots even try to flush disposable nappies (diapers). You may have to paint and put up some strongly worded signs with fines listed.