Thursday, January 2, 2020

No More Fungus

Continuing to acclimate to the new bed, the dogs no longer freak out when I change the head or foot levels. Toni Louise has been suffering from some kind of skin allergy for the past six months.

Not long ago, I took the bulk of her hair off to be able to see the skin underneath that she was chewing at relentlessly. Probably about three months ago. I have bathed her with various shampoos, but nothing seems to help. While shopping in a farm store I purchased a bottle of shampoo that would address many things, including fungus.

This stuff smells nasty. The gnawing of skin has started to be a problem with Eddie. This morning I scooped Eddie into the tub and lathered him up with this new shampoo. The label says you can use it on horses, as well. I bought a small bottle and really don't think I could afford to wash a horse!! The label warned that it was toxic to humans and to wash hands thoroughly after washing your pet. 

This was not a problem, as I fully intended to take a shower upon completion of my task. HeWho was still sleeping when I bathed Eddie and then popped into the shower. Eddie was indignant about this. He likes to be wrapped tightly in a towel and held while he dries. So, Eddie did what Eddie does when Eddie feels slighted. He began barking and whining, waking HeWho sleeps a lot. 

I was almost finished when I was hit with inspiration. I told HeWho to grab Toni Louise so I could bathe her as well. Might as well, I was already there, I was already wet. Made perfect sense to me. I apparently forgot my label reading.

Eddie loves a good bath, Toni doesn't embrace his enthusiasm. Not only did I disregard the label warnings, I always seem to think that she will miraculously come to love the bath. She likes to shake, slinging shampoo all over me. She got me in the face, and on my legs and feet. I rewashed myself, but it stings now. 

I suppose good news is that I won't be succeptable to fungal infections. Maybe ...


Joanne Noragon said...

I do hope YOU recover quickly!

Val said...

You might need a hazmat suit to wash Toni Louise!

River said...

I hope you don't suffer adverse effects from the shampoo, but I also think anything that irritates your dog (or cat) that long and creates a biting habit needs to be looked at by a vet, to find the cause. Sometimes treating the symptoms isn't enough, especially if it is something contagious as yours might be with Eddie catching it from Toni Louise? I hope Eddie and Toni Louise are better now.

Linda O'Connell said...

Woman you may never have to shave your legs again if that stuff is strong enough. Your life is a daily adventure with dogs and campers. I get a kick out of your writing.