Wednesday, January 15, 2020

My Knight In Shining Armor?

Another gray and dreary day. Insomnia lives here. According to the technology riding on my wrist, I slept a total of one hour and 56 minutes. That was in two segments.

It is the C-Pap apparatus on the head of HeWho. It makes noise. It gurgles and makes a noise like a flap closing. Add that to the humming, mumbling from the man himself. Every time I approached sleep, the noises would snap me awake. I finally gave up and came to my sofa to read (listen to) a book. I was hoping sleep would find me, but I got really involved in the plot. I kept thinking I was near the end of the book and another twist in the plot would pull me back.

I was feeling somewhat settled and decided to give the bed another try at 3 am. I was quiet. I can navigate the house in the dark and I swear that nary a sound did I make. But Toni Louise, in the bed at her masters feet mistook me for an intruder and started barking. 

A chain reaction followed when her brother dogs joined in. I hissed at them to shut them up and then a joyful wagging of tails and happy guttural sounds ensued. Woke HeWho, who then made a noisy trip to the bathroom and returned to try to have conversation with me with that mask over his nose and mouth. Fully alert, but determined to sleep, I assumed my going to sleep position on my side and tried to ignore the masked man and all the humming noises he was making as he went right back to sleep.

When the alarm went off for HeWho had an appointment for re-hab, I was fully awake. Here I am after two cups of coffee, tired and lacking the motivation to do anything but continue to sit here.

Eddie managed to escape the back yard yesterday. Toni Louise was inside with me, helping me clean house. She was watching my every move, just in case there might be a treat involved. Cujo was barking relentlessly and would not come in when I yelled "TREAT". He was barking at the makeshift gate that HeWho procrastinates had rigged up. There was a very narrow opening that Eddie must have navigated. Cujo could not fit, he has become fat in his old age.

I put my fat little guy inside and ventured out to find the escapee. HeWho and Kevin were getting the tires on the truck rotated. Could that have been done the day before when they were out and about after rehab? Most likely, but, I was honestly happy to have an extra day with no one underfoot. I headed straight to the barn (aka: Fred Sanford's Emporium), since this is where the dogs went on their last adventure.

I stood at the opening (the door no longer closes) and called Eddie. I listened for any sounds of him rustling through the treasures of HeWho hoards. Nothing, I heard nothing. I called Martha, the boy cat, for assistance. No response. Thoroughly annoyed that my cleaning had been so rudely interrupted, I turned to go back. There stood Martha, the boy cat, with Eddie, the escape artist calmly watching me.

I scooped the little devil up and carried him inside while Martha entertained himself weaving in and out of my legs with each step. Eddie's feet were filthy with mud and his undercarriage needed a good cleaning, as well. I scolded him as I cleaned him up. He lay in my lap on his back, just looking up at me, secure in the knowledge that I could not stay mad at him. He even let me trim some tangles out of his long hair.

I went to the big plastic trash can I store dog food in and lifted the lid to reach for the scoop and thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye before I flipped the light on. There was a MOUSE SITTING ON THE HANDLE OF THE SCOOPER! Why am I afraid of mice? I don't know! I slammed that lid down and put a pile of clean rugs to weigh it down. Did I think that tiny mouse could lift the lid?

I don't handle mice, that is the job of HeWho! One of his infrequent chores. I suppose I could have handled it by taking the can out and pulling the bag of dog food out and dumping the critter on the ground for Martha to play with. I would have, but who am I to deny HeWho the role of the Knight in shining armor rescuing me, a damsel in distress? Now, if he will just sleep silently, my life will be complete!


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

A C Pap machine shouldn't make that noise if its fitted right all you should hear is the hum of the machine

Joanne Noragon said...

I've always wondered how anyone slept next to a CPap machine. Or with one.

River said...

I agree with Jo-Anne above, the machine shouldn't make that much noise, it needs to be checked and properly fitted to the face. Your other solution is to sleep in another room, which could be a problem for the dogs, they won't know where to sleep since they are used to being all together.

Val said...

Oh my gosh! Forget the CPap! There was a MOUSE! Every year or two, we get a field mouse in the house. The big-eared cute ones that make you not want to kill them, but I want them DEAD! Stay off my turf! Genius used to get mouse duty. We use the old-fashioned wooden traps. He's smash his finger five or six times before getting it set, and sprint to check the trap when we heard it snap. We're overdue for another little visitor. Maybe Hick finally got the weather stripping right around the basement door.

Linda O'Connell said...

My sleep was sporadic last night. If it wasn't my aching knee, it was the fat cat who likes to lay on my legs or curled against my backside, pinning me in. A nap is on the agenda. I can't imagine the noise of the CPap. Last motel we stayed at had a heating system that kicked on and off every five minutes. No sleep there either.

I had to laugh about the dogs mistaking you for an intruder. You should really write a book.

luksky said...

Of all those things you mentioned about your sleeping issues, it is now why I understand that some married couple sleep in separate

Kathy G said...

Over the years I've had the (not) pleasure of bunking up with a couple of people who use CPAP machines. None of them were properly fitted, and every time the seal came loose it would wake me up. NO fun!