Monday, August 5, 2019

The Song That Never Ends

Midway through this day and I already need to vent again. I feel like I am caught up in that song that never ends. Verse after verse after verse …. it just goes on and on, my friend.

Tenant I evicted lingers on. Her appeals are falling on deaf ears and the latest is that her RV battery is dead and she must go purchase a new one. That was over an hour ago and I am itching to get that site cleaned up so I can rent it out to a paying tenant.

Pool pump died. Second one this year. Netted me a bad review from a day swimmer. Instead of coming in and telling me that something was wrong and getting a refund, she posted a picture and harsh words on my Facebook page. So, the pool is closed while we deal with algae and major scrub down. The new pump will not be here until Wednesday.

HeWho was fixing a leak in the bathhouse when he got sprayed with raw sewer. Another shower for him and he is back on the mower now. And we told each other this would be fun, owning a campground.

So, here I sit, just waiting to see what happens next. Tomorrow will be better, right?

Everything is always better after a night's sleep. The evicted tenant is gone and the site has been cleaned up. I have had my hair cut and only have two small areas to mow when the sun goes down tonight. Dinner is almost ready and I just have a few more reservations to check in. I have groceries in my pantry and a new pair of shorts adorn my derriere in a smaller size than last time I bought a pair. Nothing to complain about today!


Val said...

I'm glad that song finally ended! Let's hope the new melody lasts longer.

Joanne Noragon said...

Oh, dear god, those millineals, who go for the phone app instead of walking a hundred feet to solve the problem. I am so sorry.

RunNRose said...

So glad to know your day had a happy ending! Love the part about your shorts. Too bad my size is going the other way. Sitting and
knitting doesn't burn many calories. Hope every day is a little better. You have earned some peace.

River said...

Things are definitely looking up when your new shorts are a smaller size. I'm heading towards something resembling a circus tent. Perhaps I should eat less chocolate?

ellen abbott said...

glad to know you actually got rid of the squatter. yep, instead of alerting you to the problem, just post a bad review. that will fix things. welcome to the new America.

Linda O'Connell said...

Poor HeWho and you! You could write a story about the campground crazies who give you guys grief. Glad your shorts are a size smaller. I wish I could say that. Hope the pool is up and running soon.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Oh poor HeWho that would be gross.
It nice when our clothes go down a size