Friday, August 30, 2019

Labor Day Weekend Has Begun

It is here. The last holiday weekend of the year. I lay in my bed gazing out the window, ticking off all the things on the list of "to be done" . Still some little things to do today, but mostly everything humanly possible has been done to prepare for the weekend. Thanks to the diligent camp workers we have. 

I drag myself from my bed and make my way to the coffee machine to brew the magic elixir that will get me up and at 'em. My loyal contingent of canines follow me and look up expectantly for a treat. Don't know what they think they have done to deserve a treat, other than follow me around. Of course they get one.

The sky is gray and I check the weather on my phone. A blanket of dread falls on me and the phone rings …. and in a mere 25 minutes I have gone from no vacancies to 6 spots open. I do not charge a cancellation fee. I could, but stuff happens. 

Life can get in the way of your plans and I realize that. But … since I charge no fee, you should not feel compelled to offer an explanation about the change in your plans. If you have suffered a tragedy and feel like you want to elicit my understanding and sympathy, it will definitely be forthcoming. Don't create an "alibi" and then continue to talk and elaborate and then trip yourself up on the details. I will know you are lying. Either way, there is no charge added to your credit card.

I am sure there will be travelers looking for a spot to land for the night and I will fill those vacant sites easily enough. It is supposed to rain most of the day and into tomorrow. I wish I could curl up on the sofa and watch movies all day with my furry friends. That will happen soon enough. End of the season will guarantee being forced inside and nothing to do.

My coffee is long gone and the day awaits, so time to get myself into high gear. There are bathrooms to clean and floors to be swept and vacuumed. I did that yesterday and HeWho is opposed to the wiping of one's feet before entering has left a trail of foot prints on my once pristine mats in the store. With the rain, the gravel will be coming in all weekend, making me regret my choice of black and wonder why I didn't get gray. Next time I will.


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

This weekend here is Father's Day our first without Dad and it is cold and wet

Joanne Noragon said...

Have a good and safe holiday.

RunNRose said...

I hope you have a really boring weekend. I guess it would be impossible for that to happen with a full campground, though, huh?
Anyway, I can hope everybody treats you with kindness and consideration. Then, you can cope with whatever comes along. Before you know it, the season will be over.

Val said...

I'm sure there will be tales to tell when the long weekend is over!

Linda O'Connell said...

I know you will have great stories to fill the pages next week.