Wednesday, August 14, 2019


I love all my late bloomers.

I do not love this vine that has taken over this garden!

 I started pulling that vine and weeds from the garden Sunday and finally finished this morning. I also pulled all the dead leaves from the day lilies. I will get one more round of yellow flowers for my efforts!!

 See? They are already forming new buds. I am hoping they will stick around until the mums start to bloom.

Next on my list is this garden. Can you see that vine running all through it? This will take longer than three days, as it wraps around the fence that hides the dumpster. I am dreading and looking forward to it at the same time.

Speaking of the dumpster ….. Our current pick up service has almost a year left on the contract. Found this out when HeWho did a little research and found a better price, as ours seems to keep going up. When he called to stop service, he was told that they would hold us to this contract and then sent another bill, almost doubling our current fees. Hmmmm, we have a contract and they can't do that! He called them on it and they immediately credited our account with all the over charges. I wonder how many people just pay the increase? We thought our contract was over when they increased our rates. We will still be changing vendors when this contract is up. 

See my new rock! The one behind it has been hit and shoved back into the garden too many times. Every one wants to drive close to the dumpster to sling their bags at it and not get out. Then they proceed out the drive and drag their travel trailers and 5th wheels over the rocks and through the garden. I had them put there after someone turned so sharp they took out the fence post and flipped the dumpster. 

The man came in to tell me he knocked my "trash can" over. "Well, pick it up." I said. He then told me he couldn't and I looked out to see what he had done. He had way more damage than we did. Just how lazy do you have to be? My parking lot is huge, with plenty of room to swing wide. I am hoping the sign that announces "wide turn" will encourage people to do so. Hope runs deep.

Oh, look! My efforts are already paying off!


River said...

Those dumpster people are sneaky, like so many other companies they count on people not checking and just paying every increase. I'm glad you got refunded.

Joanne Noragon said...

When I worked for the township, I had a decent relationship with the trash company that had to renew is contract every three years. The last renewal I worked on, we extended the contract for three years at no increase in exchange for the company providing recycle bins and recycle service. It was one of my best win-wins.

Val said...

Waste Management (yeah, I'll name names!) did that to us, with our end-of-the-driveway rolling trash can. I dumped them like bad garbage! They kept calling back, saying they'd made a mistake with our increases over the past 20 years, offering me only five dollars more per month than the new service I'd signed up with. HA HA HA! I had the last laugh. Even got one month free by paying for a year with the new company.

ellen abbott said...

Americans are lazy.