Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tom Thumb Wants To Camp Here

My laptop remains gone, though further efforts on the part of He Who knows a little about what he is doing ....... I really need my son to come here and fix it. I am getting used to the desk top, still not too happy about it, but I do have access to the internet, so I will shut up with my belly-aching.

If I take my pain meds as directed, I find that I am ..... out of focus, easily distracted and I have trouble staying on task. It does occur to me that I just described He Who is ADD. He doesn't seem to mind so much. but it scares me a little. I like details and I don't like that nagging feeling that I have forgotten something ......

It is raining and there is a chill in the air. My joints are not happy. I was dragging around this morning in my flannels, sipping coffee, losing the cup, finding the cup and re-heating the coffee. Fed the dogs twice because I forgot I fed them at 5:30 this morning when Oscar started whining. I went back to bed until he started whining again at 8:00. I thought it must be a brand new day.

Anyway, He Who took off to purchase some toilets for the bathhouse. He did offer to let me go with him, but I declined. I knew that all I would see would be plumbing fixtures and even in my distracted state, I didn't think it would be fun. I saw him off and located my coffee mug again (it was in the microwave and already lukewarm again). I had just started to sip at my twice re-heated beverage when my team of canine companions alerted me to the fact that someone was at the store door. I grabbed my trusty fly-swatter to threaten them with and looked at the monitor expecting to see my husband returning for something he forgot.

It was two ladies peering in the window. I shuffled out in my jammies with a sweater atop it all, figuring they weren't dressed much better, and opened the door. I told them I wasn't open yet and gestured to the sign with the store hours on it. They said they just wanted to know what my monthly rates were. So, I invited them in and turned on the lights. I was right about their attire, so I felt pretty comfortable conducting business in my pj's.

They were both talking at once and telling me about "her" son and how they were going to her brother's place to pay for this trailer for him to live in. I started asking pertinent questions at that point. "What year and model is the trailer?" I asked. The woman looked puzzled, "I don't know, all I know is that my brother has it and it is 20 inches long." Hmmmm, 20 inches long, I am already thinking this will be a good blog topic.

Of course, I knew she meant 20 feet and I was already picturing it in my mind. Probably a model from the 60's or 70's in poor condition with a window air conditioner crammed in a cut out hanging off the side. The fact that they wanted to plant the son here in my park made me wonder what he had done in the past to need to live in a campground that his mother was paying for ....

I put my thoughts aside with some effort and tried to focus on what she was saying, while at the same time remembering the new shower curtain liner I bought and meant to put up yesterday and forgot. See what I mean about being distracted? So, she said something again about the trailer being 20 inches long and this time I corrected her .... "you do mean 20 feet, don't you?" "No, I am sure my brother said 20 inches!" She was pretty emphatic about it. I squelched the urge to ask if she was the mother of Tom Thumb.

They left after the confusion over inches and feet, promising to return to show me the trailer. I have to admit that I am not all that excited about seeing it, unless it really is 20 inches long.


Anonymous said...

I loved it. 20 inches! Take a picture if it ever comes in.

Val said...

I hope they don't think your rates are in cents instead of dollars.

Karen said...

What a hoot! And how do you keep a straight face? lol

Linda O'Connell said...

I had to laugh at your shower curtain reference, because my mind is forever going off in different directions when idiots talk. I can almost predict that Tom Thumb is going to be a colorful character. You'd better find out how old the dude is and what labels he wears...and I don't mean Nike or Izod.