Sunday, March 29, 2015

Calamity Jim Must Be His Name

My Wi-Fi has been a pain all week. Keeps knocking me off. Can't comment, sometimes can't even read an entire post.....

Woke this morning to a howling wind. Stumbled around letting dogs out and a cat in. Fed the hungry crowd while the coffee brewed, then made my way to the office. Just in time to see an Airstream leaving. I did not check in an Airstream last night, so I check the drop box for a registration and find none. Nice. They stayed for free. This is not a good way to start the day!!

Yesterday was not any better. I had good intentions when I entered my sewing room. I was going to sort all the pieces of fabric I had on my cutting table and give the room a good cleaning. Instead I hunted through my old patterns for doll clothes and made a dress for an orphan doll I found in a thrift store. She was there on a clearance table for only $3. Naked and abandoned. She was clean and had good hair. I paused there and thought that if I did not rescue her she was bound for the landfill!!! Her eye caught mine and, as they say, the rest is history.

She was staring at me beseechingly from my cutting table. In need of clothes and lonely. I know just the little girl for her. My Jailynn will turn 6 very soon. Lucy (sorry, I couldn't wait to name her) will have a marvelous life with my great granddaughter. Before she travels, she will need a wardrobe!! First I made a fetching little print dress with lace on the collar and I was putting the elastic one her panties when a lady presented herself at the check-in counter.

She was in a car and wanted to procure a site for the evening. Her husband was somewhere on the road behind her. We completed the transaction and I assigned a site on the map. When her husband pulled in and stopped in front of the office, he was directly in my blind spot. I did not see just how tall his rig was (this is G rated!).

The site I assigned has electrical wires that cross over-head from pole to pole. These wires supply that side of my park with power ..... So, okay I should not have assigned that site to that particular rig. I confess that my mind was cataloging the fabric stash, searching for another outfit for Lucy and planning dinner. I am a multi-tasker ..... on drugs!! Although I have become accustomed to the meds for the neuropathy, my mind is not as sharp as it used to be.

But ......... one would think that the driver of the rig would have seen the obstacle he was facing and NOT pull in to that site, knowing that he would hit the wires. He pulled in and caught the wires on his air conditioner atop the rig ....... and although he felt the resistance, he plowed forward and not only did he pop that live wire, HE PULLED THE POLE DOWN!

He then called his wife (still in the office) to tell her he "was stuck in some wires". As she repeated this I realized what I had done. I sent help to get him out of the wires, thinking he had merely hit them and they were stuck on something and he needed to remove them to back out. I was wrong. The wife had a look of pure panic on her face as she said she needed to help him and I can only assume there must be a reason she is leading the way in her car, while he drives the truck pulling the 5th wheel.

The helper later reported that the driver was on top of his rig pulling at the live wire. When he was cautioned to wait for help, he replied, "It's broke now, so it's dead." My helper stood back at a safe distance, waiting for someone with the knowledge of electricity came.

Of course, He Who is an electrician (of sorts) is not here. He is on the road with more materials for the bathroom remodel. He does not respond with any words I can repeat here when I reach him and fill him in. He is only 15 minutes away and dumps the trailer, then head down to the site to see the damage.

In the meantime our driver, who is unafraid of live wires carrying enough electricity to power up one side of the park, has disengaged his rig and after some tree trimming has managed to back out and go to another site. He chooses one that has electricity and seems unfathomed by the chaos in his wake. After all I assigned the site, didn't I?

He Who is not at all happy, has to drive back to same store he came from to acquire the necessary parts to temporarily fix the wires to get power to the campers left in the dark (so to speak). He got back and fixed it and ate his lukewarm dinner at around 8:00. Today he will have to look at the downed pole and determine what he needs to reset it. It will definitely involve the renting of some heavy equipment. The stay cost them $30 ..... our cost is yet to be determined, but the couplers he bought last night were around $70.

We are not getting rich here. Unfortunately for me, I have to admit that this adventure (owning a campground) was my idea. What was I thinking??? 

I will confess that, just now, as I watched the Calamity Rig leaving, it brought me a good deal of pleasure to see that  air conditioner sits askew atop the rig. A modicum of justice?

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