Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I Would Eat The Eggs

Now that my blisters are all dried up, I am allowed to venture out. I made my first adventure to grocery shop. Food being a necessity and He Who no longer tows (yay!!!) is not a thrifty shopper. He will follow my list and instructions, sort of, but he doesn't seek out bargains.

It has been nice having him around. Lots of little things are being taken care of. Perfect timing on his resignation, since the water issues with our pump have been taken care of sooner than later. No stopping to take a call.

So, I ventured out to tackle refilling the pantry. I chose to stay close to home on my first adventure. The Alco store in town is closing and the close proximity to the grocery convinced me to check it out. The "EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!" sign and the up to 60% off definitely caught my eye. Everybody knows how I love a bargain.

The "sale" was a disappointment. I had my eye on some deep pocket sheets for my bed, but even at 40% off, they were still out of the range I would consider spending. I had seen them on sale cheaper than that. In the very same store. They had removed all the "discount" prices and the percentage was off the higher retail price. Must be why they still have so much merchandise on the shelves.

I did find a few bargains, but nothing to write home about. From there I went to the grocery store. Talk about sticker shock! Now, to be fair, I know I have not done a proper restocking for awhile; but it had only been a few weeks. I could not believe how much everything had gone up. I was only down for 3 weeks, not 3 months!

I noted that gas was only $1.89 a gallon. That was at the only station I passed and there is no competition there. I am not one to note prices, since I rarely fill my tank. I have a man servant for that, you know. So, it seems that the meat prices went up as much as the gas prices went down.

Maybe it isn't the best time for He Who Is Unemployed to be in such a state. Perhaps we should raise our own chickens and pigs and cows. Who am I kidding? I would make them all pets and refuse to have them turned into food. Eggs, I would eat the eggs.


Linda O'Connell said...

I know exactly what you mean about making the animals pets. Although the neighbor recently got a rooster and if that cockadoodler keeps it up, he may be swimming with dumplings.

Val said...

Yes, you would eat the eggs, and hundreds of miles away, my sweet, sweet Juno would be blamed.

ellen abbott said...

well, we should all be eating less meat anyway.

Joanne Noragon said...

I think it's going to be a tough year. Have you filled a prescription lately? I cannot buy enough gas to break even.

Anonymous said...

Food prices are sky-rocketing, much due to the drought out west. It will get worse if we don't get any more rain this year. Our wells really are going dry.