Saturday, January 10, 2015

Animals Love Me

While on my trip, I met some dogs. Don't be fooled, that is not my sweet Cujo in my arms. That is "Weenie". She is about 5 months old and sooooo sweet. I texted this picture to He Who was back home with two of the dogs and said to look at our new puppy. He was not amused.

I thought it was funny. I have met very few dogs who do not like me. They can sense dog lovers, you know.

This is Bear. He is my grand-dog. Look at those eyes. He is so very loving. Not a shrewd bone in his body. He loves me unconditionally. I shared my dog food and treats with him. I even taught him not to jump on me.

Here he is with his master, Jailynn. She tends to be a bit bossy with him. He is so sweet that he tolerates it. Like he realizes she is just a little girl.

This lovely creature is none other than Toni Louise. She went home with her Daddy while I stayed in Georgia. Toni looks for chances to escape, something I did not want to deal with that while navigating my solo drive in the RV. Wall-E also went home. He is pretty laid back, but really prefers the company of He Who would not give him back to his rightful owner. But, back to Toni Louise. She does like to pose for a portrait.

Cujo shunned me every night for about 30 minutes after sniffing other dog smells on me. He always came around when it was time to get under the covers to sleep, though.

Wall-E was not happy to smell other dog on me when I returned. He withheld affection for awhile upon my return. He doesn't like it when I cheat on him.

Oscar, on the other hand, does not care at all. He is secure in the knowledge that I will always love him, no matter what. And, believe me, he has tried my love over the last 15 years. He is washing Toni Louise's face in the photo. She allows it and seems to actually encourage it from time to time. Such a sweet accommodating girl, my Toni Louise.

Yes, dogs and cats alike seem to love me. I seem to attract strays. Stray of the animal kingdom are okay ....... human homesteaders who skip out on their bills ...... not so much.


Linda O'Connell said...

This post was sweet and funny, too. I like how animals KNOW. My daughter has three dogs and three cats, shoot maybe four now. She attracts animals, too. Enjoy those fur babies. Mine has been sitting on my lap watching kitty videos on the computer. I just told him I'd get him a kitty. Hubby didn't think that was funny either.

Val said...

Bear is mighty appealing, but I'll stick with sweet Toni Louise. For obvious reasons.

Brian Miller said...

animals have a pretty good sense of people....its funny though that they too get a bit of jealousy...