Friday, September 12, 2014

Monday Is Friday To Me

I wish it were Monday. My day did not have a good start: 

It has been going downhill since this morning. I was watching Al Roker explain the weather while drinking my second first cup of coffee when the phone rang. The phone ringing is not at all unusual. I muted the TV and tried to sound all cheery. I faked it. It was older gentleman requesting two sites side by side, one 50 amp and one 30 amp. Could I do that? I told him I could certainly accommodate them. After another 7 minutes of questions ...... him consulting the others in his party, then relaying the questions to me, he decided to make reservations and said they would be in in less than 2 hours.

He inquired about laundry facilities and twice asked if I was sure the sites were side by side. I was sure. I went out into the chilly air and started mowing, all the while keeping an eye out for the two would-be customers. I mowed quite a large area and saw them pulling in. They stopped at my stop sign. A big class A, towing and a fifth wheel right behind them. This pretty much blocked the entrance to the park. I came into the office and washed my hands and got myself some water and waited for them to come check in.

After about 8 minutes, three of them came in. A man and two women. One of the women said she needed to see my laundry before they checked in. I told her where it was located and then apologized that I had just discovered one of my washers to be out of order. This earned me the big stink eye. Then I was told that they could not stay here. The other woman had her arm around her friend and told me accusingly that her friend would need a lot of machines to do her laundry.

I suggested that she look for a commercial laundry facility. I was treated to another "look" and they all filed out to their campers where a meeting took place while they blocked my entrance. I admit that I was watching the clock. By my calculations they were here more than 20 minutes ...... blocking my entrance. I can't really say that I am unhappy that they decided to move on. I am not in a good mood. 

I wish it was Monday.


Val said...

I am surprised they didn't just ask you to fluff and fold for them.

Anonymous said...

Strange people every where.

ellen abbott said...

Surely it would be cheaper to go to a laundromat to do their wash than pay for two sites at a campground.