Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stranded In Memphis

Here I am, a week later. This hotel cannot compare to the last one. It has a strange smell. Not just my room ...... the entire hotel. It was cheap and close to the airport where Hertz awaits the return of the Camry.

Okay, I promised to enchant you with my ongoing tale of misery and misfortune. The tow truck arrived and I was happy to see it was a team. A man and a woman. She out-talked me (and that takes effort). They had a plan in place and told me their boss-man told them the best thing I could do was to leave my car in their impound lot until someone could take a look-see on Monday. In the mean time he provided a nice comfy car to take me to Memphis to obtain a rental.

Some of you may have already wondered to yourself about the wisdom of leaving my car some 70 miles away from the rental agency. I should have wondered myself, but what do I know about cars that stop and suddenly die leaving me stranded in the hot sun. I did ask them how I would get my car and she assured me they would take care of it, even return it for me. I felt so well assured.

I bought their lunch and tipped them $20 for all their care and trouble. I even provided them with apples and tomatoes and peppers from my garden. I was giving out apples like Santa gives out Christmas candy. I had so much stuff in my car. I had a huge sack of apples and dishpan of tomatoes and peppers. Two cakes for my Daddy, two suitcases and a box fan to help keep me cool. Mama gets cold at night and sets the thermostat at 78. And an ice chest with frozen apple and blueberry pies.

Imagine me trying to pile all that on an airport cart and down the elevator to get to the car rental. Yeah, it is funny. The nice young man helping me listened to all my woes and asked me why they didn't tow my car to Memphis, because I was the only authorized driver and the only one who would be able to return my car. See, I had not thought this situation through. I should have insisted they tow my car to Memphis, since AAA would pay for a tow up to 100 miles.

Because I am now in Memphis and I am stranded. When I turn this car in, I have no means of transportation. I dreamed of dragging all that crap down the interstate on foot. Now, I did not just realize that I would be without wheels unless I drove the rental to the transmission shop and then somehow managed to drive both cars back to Hertz.

The nice man who arranged my nice ride to Memphis, knowing full well I would be stranded, was not nice at all when I called him. He was rude. When I asked him how I was supposed to get back to Blytheville to get my car he informed me that it was my problem, that my car was no longer in his possession and "Lady, take a cab."

He called me "lady". I am not done with him. I am willing to bet he charged AAA to take me to Memphis. He will be sorry he called me "lady".

So, we have exhausted all methods of transportation. I have enough money on me for a cab tomorrow if it comes to that. He Who solves all my problems offered the transmission shop $100 to drive my car to pick me up, but got no takers. If all else fails tomorrow I will be heading north in a limo at $65 per hour, which is cheaper than a cab. Probably will smell nicer, too.

Now ..... I lay me down to sleep. Tomorrow I will be home sweet home!

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Linda O'Connell said...

If there was anything funny about it, I'd say it sounds like a sit com, but Kathy, this trip has been a nightmare.