Saturday, September 20, 2014

Adopting The Highway

Blogger has not been kind this week. Adding an image is impossible and half the time I can't even see my reading list. Then ..... when I make a comment, it disappears. Poof! All my witty musings are lost in cyber-space, never to be read. This is quite frustrating, to say the least.

Whatever virus entered my body has now exited and I am back to my old level of energy. This is good, as I have much to do. Tomorrow I will be making a solo trip to Georgia. I have down loaded nearly 50 hours of audio books, so I will have the company of a good book with me. And my new I-phone.

I kept telling He Who would pretend to not hear me, then ask why I am shouting, that I was unable to access the internet with my new phone. He kept assuring me that I could. So, I finally cornered him and demanded that he try to get on-line with this amazing new phone. He couldn't, of course. So, he had to call Sprint to remedy this. Too bad he called on the day the I-phone 6 came out. Took him a long time to get an actual person on the phone, but now I have a phone that does everything it is supposed to do.

I am packed. The last load of laundry is spinning dry and I have made two cakes for my dad. The last of the ripe tomatoes have been harvested, along with the bell peppers. I have apples bagged and ready. Never let it be said that I am going empty handed! Mama is the Queen of her kitchen and does not fancy another cook in her midst.

The dog park and my dog's yard have been mowed twice. Once with the blade at the appropriate height and then again with the blade as low as it will go. He Who mows does not push a mower .... he rides a mower. The freezer and fridge have been cleaned out and re-stocked. Pills have been counted out. Instructions on how to feed the dogs and pending reservations are taped up at eye level and ready to be read and adhered to. Hope runs deep.

Speaking of mowing ....... last week, as I was out and about I noticed that the road department had the mowers out. The interstate and all the secondary county roads were being groomed. I was thinking that it was about time as some of the grasses were nearly waist high to me. I was also thinking how much wider the roads looked and how nice and cleanly shaved the shoulders were.

Well, until I saw that they had mowed through bags of trash! Orange bags of trash, no doubt gathered by those folks who adopt highways and sacrifice their time to pick up all the stuff thrown to the curb by those among us who are special. I am assuming the bags are neon orange so that they can easily be seen by whoever is supposed to harvest them from the roadside. Also, to be easily spied by mowers, one would think.

I will be reading blogs next week and hopefully commenting via my phone ..... but just can't imagine pecking out an entire post. You never know, though.


Linda O'Connell said...

Hope you have a wonderful and well-deserved trip.

Val said...

Enjoy yourself. It will all be there when you get back.

Joanne Noragon said...

Safe trip, happy visit.

joanne said...

travel safe dear one.

Anonymous said...

I hope that by the time you read this, you are at your dad's and all is well.

I sure understand your unhappiness with blogger. I keep posting witty replies and they disappear . I have no idea if what I am currently typing will ever be seen by you. I just assume blogger hates wordpress and refuses us wordpress users to comment.