Monday, December 9, 2013

New Things To Worry About

I know I have mentioned before that He Who tows watches Highway To Hell routinely. I record it for him, as well as The Young and the Restless. One can always depend on the shenanigans of Victor Neuman to lull one to sleep.

Back to the towing show ........ I am usually reading blogs or trolling Pinterest while this show is on, but I still absorb part of it. This is about big rig towing on a highway in Canada. Ice and snow and giant trucks. It depicts dangerous and scary situations. But, like I said it is about big rig towing, not what He Who tows does. He unlocks cars and changes flats and pulls cars out of ditches and tows abandoned cars.

There is a certain amount of peril involved in what he does, but you will remember that he is attired in safety yellow with stripes on his pants and shirts and jackets that literally glow in the dark. He is very visible. Not only that, with age comes experience and wisdom. 

Yesterday, the snow was falling and the temperature dropping. This creates a nasty layer of ice on the road surface. No matter how careful you drive, there are always those drivers who believe they are invincible and refuse to slow down. It was no surprise when he got a call late in the afternoon. I kissed him goodbye and after telling him I loved him, warned him to be careful. The usual routine, if you will.

I was in my sewing lair, electric heater keeping the temp somewhere around 65, or trying to. With no window, I was totally unaware of the time passing so quickly. Phone rings. He Who Calls says, "Just wanted to let you know my truck got hit, but I am okay. There are 5 cars tangled in the cables in the median and there is a news crew taping. Didn't want you to see my truck on the news and worry."

Since I wasn't actually watching the news and had no idea it was that late ........ I got to stopping point and went back into our living quarters and took the dogs out, turned off the crockpot and finished preparing dinner. Then I started to worry. I washed up all the dirty dishes that had accumulated during the day and swept the store and even put up the Christmas tree. Then I ate my dinner and kept his dinner warm.

When he finally got home, I casually asked how his tow truck was hit and how much damage there was. Seems a driver was going too fast and slid on the ice into the car behind the car that was to be towed, then ultimately hit the passenger side of the cab of the tow truck, ripping a hole in it. "And you were in the drivers seat?" I ask. "Oh, no, I was outside. I can't hook up the car without getting outside." he says, continuing his meal. "But, I had already hooked it up and I was on the other side of the truck winching it."

What if he had been between the vehicles, hooking them up? He was pretty nonchalant about the danger involved with this job. I did not sleep well last night. Maybe I should look into some safety yellow day-glo underwear. Need more sweat shirts, too.   


Joanne Noragon said...

Not an easy job; He Who Could Have Been Hit must be commended. Bless him; I have been helped in my day by more than a few He Who's; wonderful men.

ellen abbott said...

He obviously gets a lot of satisfaction from the job but I understand your fear.

Val said...

That is a legitimate concern. Good to know He Who is still glowing. By all means, add that neon underwear.

Linda O'Connell said...

Danger lurks on the road, and I know you were concerned. Thank God he's okay.

Pat said...

thank God he was okay!

Anonymous said...

I have great admiration for tow-truck drivers. I have always been very kind and generous to any who have rescued me because I know they are risking life and limb for me.